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Ukraine: Songs released for 'Vidbir 2023'

Ukrainian Broadcaster Suspline has revealed the songs that will be competing in their national final, 'Vidbir 2023'.

The winner will earn the right to represent Ukraine in Liverpool at the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest.

As the reigning Eurovision Champion, the Ukrainian entry is guaranteed a spot in the Grand Final of this year's Song Contest.

The songs (in running order) are as follows:

Moisei - 'I'm Not Alone'

OY Sound System - 'Ой, тужу' (Oy, tuzhu)

DEMCHUK - 'Alive'

Jerry Heil - 'When God Shut the Door'

FIINKA - 'Довбуш' (Dovbush)

KRUTЬ - 'Колискова' (Koliskova)

Tember Blanche - 'Я вдома' (I'm Home)

Angelina - 'Stronger'

2TONE - 'Квітка' (The Flower)

TVORCHI - 'Heart Of Steel'

Vidbir will take place on 17 December, and will be broadcast from a stage set up in a station of the Kyiv Metro. Ukraine has used an underground stage in the Metro for several events over the last year, as the Metro station is also a bomb shelter.

During the reveal of the songs the Ukrainian delegation stressed the importance of this contest this year, as the winner of Vidbir will be representing the Ukrainian people, Ukrainian values, and Ukrainian strength on a worldwide stage.

As always, Vidbir will be decided by 50% online vote, 50% jury vote. On December 13 voting will open to any Ukrainian over the age of 14, and they can vote via the Diia app for their favorite song.

The jury was selected by the Ukrainian public and will consist of:

  1. Tara Topolya - Lead singer of Antitila band

  2. Jamala - Eurovision 2016 winner

  3. Yulia Sanina - Lead singer of THE HARDKISS

More information will be revealed on the artists soon, so be sure to check back in, and be sure to check out Vidbir on Saturday, 17 December!

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