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  • Cooper Olsen

Ukraine: Artists announced for Vidbir 2022

Ukrainian broadcaster UA:PBC today announced the 8 competing acts in their Eurovision national selection process for 2022.

The artists competing and the titles of the songs:

  1. Alina Pash - 'Тіні забутих предків' (Shadows of our Forgotten Ancestors)

  2. Cloudless - 'All Be Alright'

  3. Kalush Orchestra - 'Stefania'

  4. Barleben - 'Hear My Words'

  5. Michael Soul - 'Demons'

  6. Our Atlantic - 'Моя Любов' (My Love)


  8. Wellboy - 'Nozzy Bossy'

* LAUD with the entry 'Head Under Water' was disqualified as it was released in 2018

Vidbir 2022 will take place on February 12th. The winner will be chosen by a 50/50 combination of votes from an expert jury and a public televote.

The Competing Artists:

Alina Pash - 'Тіні забутих предків' (Shadows of our Forgotten Ancestors)

Alina has been an act that fans have been wishing to perform at Vidbir. The hitmaker's goal is to break stereotypes across the globe. She combines electronic music, hip-hop, pop music, ethnic and folk to make a unique sound in her music. Alina's Vidbir entry 'Тіні забутих предків' (Shadows of our Forgotten Ancestors) references one of the most internationally heralded Ukrainian films in history, which tells the tale in similar vein to Romeo and Juliet.

Cloudless - 'All Be Alright'

The line-up includes a familiar name for Vidbir viewers. Cloudless competed at Vidbir 2020 with the entry 'Down Me Down' which just narrowly missed out on advancing to the final. The band returns to the 2022 contest with the rock song 'All Be Alright'.

Kalush Orchestra - 'Stefania'

The Kalush Orchestra hails from the town of the same name. The group creates modern rap and hip-hop tracks with influences from ancient Ukrainian music. The band consists of rapper Ole Psyuk, DJ Kylymen, backing artist Dzhonni Dyvnii, instrumentalists Vitalii Duzhyk and Tymofii Muzychuk as well as Ihor Didenchuk. Eurovision fans may know Ihor as he was a member of Go_A and performed with the group on-stage at Eurovision 2021 in Rotterdam.

Michael Soul - 'Demons'

Another artist who has previously been in the Eurovision-sphere is Michael Soul. Michael is originally hailing from Belarus but has recently moved to Kyiv. Eurovision fans would know him from his entry into the Belarussian national final in 2019 with his fan-favourite song 'Humanize'. Michaels now trying his luck in his new home with the electro-track, 'Demons'.

Our Atlantic - 'Моя Любов' (My Love)

The Indi-pop band consists of graduates from P. D. Demuts’kiy Uman Regional Musical College. They describe themselves as "Young musicians who have a progressive point of view and looking for a new experiments." Our Atlantic has released their debut EP 'Час Розваг' (Entertainment Time) in 2020.


ROXOLANA is a highly anticipated name coming into Vidbir this year. The upcoming artist is fresh off the release of her debut album 'Ukraine Is' which blends traditional with modernity. The competing entry 'GIRLZZZZ' is a female-empowerment anthem which ROXOLANA describes as "a song that would help find a girl who is not afraid of anything, who free from the pressures of society, who dances uncontrollably and enjoys life."

Wellboy - 'Nozzy Bossy'

One of the biggest names on the roster of competing artists this year is Wellboy. He competed on X-Factor Ukraine in 2019 and became a favourite of judge Andriy Danylko, who is better known to Eurovision fans as Verka Serduchka. Wellboy has one of Ukraine's biggest hits of 2021 with his song 'Husy' (Geese) which like his entire discography blends rap with a unique countryside flair.

The winner will represent Ukraine at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Turin, Italy. Ukraine is the only nation competing at Eurovision to have always qualified to the grand final, hopefully the selected act can keep this streak going.

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