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'Tones and I' for Eurovision 2022?

This morning Australian artist 'Tones and I', also known as Toni Watson, spoke to the Fitzy and Whippa radio show and the topic of Eurovision came up.

When asked if she would do it 'Tones and I' responded with:

"I was asked to help write the Eurovision song for Montaigne which is obviously the coolest thing. But I didn't, with lockdown, we had lockdown again so I wasn't able to get to the studio.... Then after that I spoke to the guys and said I want to be involved in Eurovision, I want to help write the song and the artwork. I love writing the songs, I love doing the film clips... so next year I don't mind if I sing, I don't care about singing that's fine, but I want to be a part of the artistic side."

So there is a definite interest from 'Tones and I' to be involve with Eurovision, but would that mean writing a song, helping with the creative or performing her self?

Regardless, to have an artist of that caliber to be interested in whatever capacity is a great win for Eurovision in Australia.

She has had world wide hits including 'Never Seen the Ran', 'Fly Away' and of course the smash 'Dance Monkey'.

The song went no.1 in over 30 countries and has been streamed over 2 billion times on Spotify.

The selection process for Australia in 2022 has yet to be formally announced.


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