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The tourist in Greece's Eurovision video is meant to be an Aussie

When the music video for Greece's Eurovision 2024 entry 'Zari' by Marina Satti was released, it caused quite a stir.

Its unusual style combined with many iconic moments certainly had fans talking online whether they loved it or not. Good art does divide!

Australian Zac Wiesel directed the music video but that's not where the Aussie connections stop.

The actor who played the tourist, Scott Amerikanos, is an American based in Athens.

Most people have assumed the parody of a a tourist visiting Greece is meant to be American or even German one (the socks and sandals for example).

However, in a recent video by 'Overthinking It' on the Greek entry, Scott weighed in on where the tourist was from. Saying in the comments:

"Actually, according to our Australia Director, Zac Wiesel, I was supposedly an Australian tourist as specifically in the scene when I exited the airport I was holding an Australian passport even though you cannot see it."

The comment sparked an online discussion on Reddit, with users adding their thoughts.

MarieNadia from Ireland said:

"Haha but if it was an Australian tourist he would have got Marina to take him to the nearest pub so he can get wasted in Athens 😂😅 also he wouldn't have socks and sandals on, he would have just been bare foot 😅"

Harsh, but fair MarieNadia.

Sarkule added this excellent point:

"An Aussie tourist wouldn't look so shocked by the burnouts though."

While user yeahyeahfire saw the underlying message in relation to Eurovision:

"I mean it is not that deep, the only country that is not ‘European’ and yet participates in Eurovision is Australia. So it's clever that they wanted an Australian tourist for the clip as Europeans travel within Europe often whereas Australia is far away."

So perhaps Marina Satti's 'Eurovision Tour' sign is for all of Australia coming over to compete or watch this amazing contest.

Though, we still take offence at socks and sandals - thongs would have been more appropriate!

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