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THE ROOP to represent Lithuania in Rotterdam Eurovision 2020

For over the past month Lithuania put 36 acts through their paces in the Lithuanian National Final ‘Pabandom iš naujo’ 2020 in selecting their Eurovision 2020 representative.

Over three heats 6 out of 12 acts in each heat progressed through to two semi finals. The top four in each semi final progressed to the Final which was held on February 15 in Europe (February 16 in Australia).

After what has surprisingly been a very enjoyable national final with a lot of memorable performances the hot fan favourite THE ROOP won the whole contest, winning both the jury and public televoting.

The televoting results:

1. THE ROOP 34585 votes

2. Monique 10366 votes

3. Aisté Pilvelyté 6479 votes

4. Monika Marija 5439 votes

5. Rūta Loop 1528 votes

6. KaYra 1109 votes

7. The Backs 682 votes

8. Meandi 467 votes

The jury results:

1. THE ROOP 128 points

2. Monique 101 points

3. Monika Marija 87 points

4. Rūta Loop 75 points

5. Meandi 63 points

6. Aisté Pilvelyté 62 points

7. KaYra 47 points

8. The Backs 42 points

THE ROOP will now represent Lithuania in the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 in Rotterdam.

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