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The poll winners of Eurovision 2020

Following the cancellation of Eurovision 2020, the void of the competition opened up a number of polls and competitions to find the fan's winner of the year.

We look back at some of these contests and see who captured the attention of fans in Australia and abroad.

SBS Big Night in

The Australian broadcaster polled thousands of Eurovision fans and presented the results in a three-hour extravaganza on Saturday night.

In an on-brand result it was a trifecta of fun for the Aussies with Iceland winning, ahead of Russia and Lithuania. Greece was the surprise result of the evening while Australia couldn't vote for Australia.

The Top 10 were:

1. Iceland

2. Russia

3. Lithuania

4. Switzerland

5. Malta

6. Sweden

7. Bulgaria

8. Greece

9. Germany

10. Italy

OGAE Song Poll

OGAE (or Organisation Générale des Amateurs de l'Eurovision) is the international body of Eurovision Fans. It is made up of official Eurovision OGAE Fan Clubs from countries in Europe and abroad (including Australia). Each year since 2007 the clubs have voted on their favourite song before the contest takes places.

This year they took a different route, with each club voting as usual (12 points down to 1) which made up 50% of the points, while they also included a 'public' vote outside the clubs.

The winners were Lithuania with The Roop and 'On Fire' ahead of Iceland and Switzerland.

1. Lithuania

2. Iceland

3. Switzerland

4. Bulgaria

5. Italy

6. Norway

7. Germany

8. Russia

9. Malta

10. Sweden


17. Australia

The club-only result for the top five was the same order as the total result.

Australia picked up 9 points in total from the clubs, 5 from Russia and 4 from Ukraine, plus 30 points from the public.

The Australian club gave their points (in order) to: Iceland, Lithuania, Switzerland, Russia, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Bulgaria and Malta.

The OGAE poll has picked the winner in five of the 13 years, but only once in the last six years.


In its eighth year Eurojury is an annual competition that combines a jury score from musicians of each Eurovision nation with a public vote to come up with an overall winner.

There were 180 artists in the juries this year including Conchita, Dami Im and Emmelie de Forest and it's a contest that Aussievision officially supported in 2020.

The Top 10 were:

1. Iceland

2. Switzerland

3. Malta

4. Sweden

5. Lithuania

6. Bulgaria

7. Russia

8. Romania

9. Italy

10. Germany


17. Australia

Overall the jury favoured Iceland, then Sweden, Malta, Russia and Romania.

While the public went for Switzerland, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Iceland then Malta.

Australia finished 17th overall after a 16th place with the jury and a 15th place with the televote.


Eurostream was a project brought together by over 20 Eurovision fan sites including ourselves Aussievision, ESCXTRA and Belgian site (who are responsible for the voting of ESC250 every year).

Like Eurojury is also used a 50/50 split between music juries and a public vote. The results were:

1. Iceland

3. Lithuania


4. Sweden

5. Belgium

6. Malta

7. Italy

8. Switzerland

9. Bulgaria

10. Azerbaijan


21. Australia

So all up we saw Iceland take out nearly fan poll except for the OGAE Song Poll, which went to Lithuania. Consistently up there were Russia, Switzerland, Malta, Italy and Sweden.

Would have that meant success for these countries? We will never know...


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