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The Netherlands select Ayana with 'Mata Sugu Aō Ne' for Junior Eurovision 2021

Tonight, the Netherlands became the second country to confirm their Junior Eurovision 2021 song and artist after Ayana won 'Junior Songfestival 2021'. The selection show, broadcast on Dutch channel AVROTROS, saw four young artists compete to win the chance to represent The Netherlands at Junior Eurovision.

'Mata Sugu Aō Ne' (‘When I See You Again’) is sung in Dutch, English and Japanese and is about missing someone far away and wishing you could be with them. The winner was determined through points given by a kids jury, a professional jury and public voting. The kids jury consisted of 'Junior Songfestival 2020' winners Unity and finalists Robin de Haas and Jackie & Janae, whilst the professional jury featured Jeangu Macrooy, Emma Heesters and Rolf Sanchez.

Ayana's entry won both the Kids and Professional Jury but only came third in the televote, however it was still enough to finish in 1st place with 33 points. Televote winner SH!NE's 'A Million Little Things' finished three points behind (30), followed by Melody with 'Niet Wat Vrienden Doen' (28) and Priscilla with 'Be Alright' (26).

The Netherlands becomes the second country to have selected both its song and artist after Germany made their announcement earlier this month. Azerbaijan, Portugal and Spain have already selected their artists but their song announcements are yet to come.

The one time Junior Eurovision winner, The Netherlands, are one of only sixteen countries to have competed at the inaugural Junior Eurovision Contest in 2003 and is the only country to have competed in every year since then. Last year's entrant Unity finished fourth with 'Best Friends'.

Junior Eurovision 2021 will take place in Paris on 19 December 2021, after the victory of France’s Valentina last year with 'J’imagine'.

You can find out more details on the Junior Eurovision artists, songs and competition details at


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