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  • Cooper Olsen

Joost Klein to represent The Netherlands at Eurovision 2024

An artist announcement for the Netherlands was teased earlier in the week and it's now revealed that Dutch rapper, Joost Klein, will be flying the flag for the nation in Malmö in 2024.

Growing up in the village of Britsum, in the north of the country, Joost came to fame through a career in YouTube. His first breakout moment in the Dutch music scene came with his mixtape and single both titled 'Scandinavian Boy' which became a massive success in the Netherlands.

Since then, Joost has released numerous records with great success and has earned Europe-wide support after performing at festivals and on media programmes abroad.

The song 'Friesenjung' has seen Joost gain major international attention with now over 100 million streams, winning international music awards and recieving major airplay in Italy and Ukraine.

The Dutch internal selection process whitlled down over 600 submissions to end up selecting Joost Klein due to his signature mix of party and nastolgia in his discography as well as the international potential his entry will have.

The entry will be revealed at a later date, but if it's anything like Joost's back catalouge of music, we are sure to be in for a song like nothing else in the competition.

Coming off the back of The Netherlands's first non-qualification in seven years, the lowlands nation will be returning to Eurovision next year with a bang.

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