• Liv Webster

The 9 finalists for Supernova 2020 are revealed

For this years edition of Latvia's national final 'Supernova' we were treated to 26 live audition songs - from there a final 9 were selected for the Grand Final to air Saturday February 8th (sometime Sunday morning in Australia - time to be confirmed). Running order for the Grand Final:

  1. ANNNA - 'Polyester'

  2. Bad Habits - 'Sail with You'

  3. DRIKSNA - 'Stay'

  4. Edgars Kreilis - 'Tridymite'

  5. Katrīna Bindere - 'I Will Break Your Heart'

  6. Katrīna Dimanta - 'Heart Beats'

  7. Miks Dukurs - 'I'm Falling for You'

  8. Samanta Tīna - 'Still Breathing'

  9. Seleste - 'Like Me'

Shock non-qualifiers were Markus Riva with 'Impossible' (ranked 2nd by the Aussievision jury) and MADARA's 'Māras zeme' (ranked 5th). Still in the running is Aussievision's number one pick - 'Still Breathing' with Samanta Tīna and 'Tridymite' with Edgars Kreilis (ranked 3rd).

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