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  • Cooper Olsen

Subwoolfer win Melodi Grand Prix and will represent Norway at Eurovision 2022

image courtesy of NRK

Subwoolfer has won Norway's Melodi Grand Prix with 'Give That Wolf A Banana' and will represent the nation in Turin at the Eurovision Song Contest.

After all ten acts performed their entries, four of then advanced to the Gold Final. The four acts that advanced were Subwoolfer, Elsie Bay, Sofie Fjellvang, and NorthKid.

Then the Gold Final was cut down to a Gold Duel between the top two vote-getters. Subwoolfer won the 100% televote result, 368,106 votes to 312,223 against NorthKid earning them the ticket to Turin.

The mysterious EDM duo proclaim they are the biggest band in the Galaxy, first formed 4.5 billion years ago on their home planet, the moon. Since then the brothers, Keith and Jim, have conquered the music scene on every planet, making them the most successful pop group ever.

'Give That Wolf A Banana' was written by the wolf brothers Jim and Keith themselves. The lyrics are full of humour and irony, with many having theories as to what the song actually means with the main guess being a metaphor for getting vaccinated against Covid-19. As to who is behind the Jim and Keith persona has everyone guessing. Many fans speculate that this duo are actually comedy pop duo Ylvis, in disguise. The Norwegian duo had major success with their hit ‘The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?)’ in 2013. The two acts share many co-incidences, from their passion for writing about animals, being brothers and even sharing the same record label.

Norway last won Eurovision in 2009 and are hoping to continue their qualifying streak that has been going since 2017 with JOWST and his entry 'Grab The Moment'. Norway will be performing in the second half of the first semi-final at the Eurovision Song Contest in May.


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