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Spain release the 18 songs competing in Benidorm Fest 2023

Spanish broadcaster RTVE has revealed the 18 songs competing in their Eurovision national final, Benidorm Fest.

The artists taking part include Alfred García who competed at Eurovision 2018 with 'Tu canción' as well as Drag Race Spain winner Sharonne, and Blanca Paloma who competed in the 2022 edition of Benidorm Fest.

The full list of competing artists and songs are:

  • Agoney – 'Quiero arder'

  • Alfred – 'Desde que tú estás'

  • Alice Wonder – 'Yo quisiera'

  • Aritz Arén – 'Flamenco'

  • Blanca Paloma – 'EaEa'

  • E’FEMME – 'Uff!'

  • Famous – 'La Lola'

  • Fusa Nocta – 'Mi Familia'

  • José Otero – 'Inviernos en Marte'

  • Karmento – 'Quiero y duelo'

  • Megara – 'Arcadia'

  • Meler – 'No nos moverán'

  • Rakky Ripper – 'Tracción'

  • Sharonne – 'Aire'

  • Siderland – 'Que esclati tot'

  • Sofía Martín – 'Tuki'

  • Twin Melody – 'Sayonara'

  • Vicco – 'Nochentera'

You can listen to all the entries on the RTVE Eurovision website:

Benidorm Fest will begin on 31 January and conclude with a final on 4 February 2023.

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