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Spain: Benidorm Fest 2023 semi-final 2 results

This morning, the second semi-final of Spain's national final Benidorm Fest took place.

In total nine artists performed, with four chosen for the Grand Final based on the votes from the eight-person jury (50%), the demoscopic panel (25%) and the televote (25%).

The four entries to qualify were: Blanca Paloma, José Otero, Karmento and Vicco.

They will join Agoney, Alice Wonder, Fusa Nocta and Megara in this weekend's final.

Check out their performances below:

Blanca Paloma – 'Eaea'

Vicco – 'Nochentera'

Karmento – 'Quiero y duelo'

José Otero – 'Invierno en Marte

With these fives entries missing out:

  • Alfred García - Desde que tú estás

  • E'Femme - 'UFF!'

  • Famous - 'La Lola'

  • Rakky Ripper - 'Tracción'

  • Siderland - 'Que esclati tot'

The jury was made up of:

  • Nina (1989 Eurovision artist)

  • Katrina (1997 Eurovision winner)

  • Christer Bjorkman (1992 Eurovision artist and Eurovision Producer 2013 and 2016)

  • Tali Eshkoli (TV producer)

  • Irene Valiente (radio journalist)

  • William Lee Adams (Wiwibloggs)

  • Nicola Caligiore (former Italian Head of Delegation)

  • José Juan Santana Rodríguez (OGAE Spain President)

The final will take place on Saturday, 4 February from 8:05 am AEDT.

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