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Spain: Aussievision's Benidorm Fest 2024 rankings

This week the 16 songs competing in Spain's Eurovision selection show, Benidorm Fest, were revealed by broadcaster RTVE.

The Aussievision team has been busy listening and ranking the songs and we can reveal the placings from 16th down to 1st.

In total 14 contributors voted so let's take a look at the results in reverse order.

The results:

16. Quique Niza - 'Prisionero' (11 points)

Highs: 5 points from Tim, 3 points from Steven

15. Lérica - 'Astronauta' (12 points)

Highs: 7 points from Colleen, 3 points from Tim

14. Dellacruz - 'Beso en la mañana' (24 points)

Highs: 8 points from Liv and Sam, 6 points from Hugo

13. Roger Padrós - 'El temps' (36 points)

Highs: 8 points from Dale, 7 points from Mike, 6 points from Tim

12. María Peláe - 'Remitente' (37 points)

Highs: 10 points from Colleen, 8 points from Mark and Hugo

"I know that is very generalising of Spanish music and I’m probably very wrong, but I love when Spain offers something that to non-Spanish people sounds typically Spanish. I come to Eurovision looking for music that is different from what appears on the radio, which 'Remitente' is." ~ Colleen

11. Noan - 'Te echo de- ' (39 points)

Highs: 7 points from Mark, 6 points from Hayley, 5 points from Mike

The Top 10:

10. Miss Caffeina - 'Bla bla bla' (43 points)

Highs: 8 points from Craig and Emma, 6 points from Steven and Fleur

9. Mantra - 'Me vas a ver' (44 points)

Highs: 12 points from Mike, 10 points from Dale, 8 points from Tim

"This is a an instantly pleasing little pop song! It chugs along with a nice driving beat underpinning the whole thing. I think it's fresh it's fun.... Is it Nochentra 2.0 maybe? Do I care? No!" ~ Mike

"I just thinnk this great pop done really well. There's a real cuteness or sweetness to this that I find infectious and fun and I want to keep listening." ~ Dale

8. Yoly Saa - 'No se me olvida' (49 points)

Highs: 12 points from Craig, 10 points Tim and 8 points from Kyriakos

"A big standout for me - I love the instrumentation and production of this track, which really effectively moves from big to small throughout. With a convincing vocal performance live, I can see this being a moment in Benidorm this year!" ~ Craig

"There is something very difficult about this song to pick up the structure of the music which for me is quite challenging but I enjoy that challenge. It feels very freeing almost and It has character to it that I enjoy. I think it’s an interesting and unique song that would challenge the audience in a Eurovision context." ~ Tim

7. Nebulossa - 'Zorra' (52 points)

Highs: 8 points from Steven, 7 points from Mike and Liv

6. St. Pedro - 'Dos Extraños (Cuarto de Cuerda)' (58 points)

Highs: 12 points from Steven and Fleur, 10 points from Craig

"Within the first thirty seconds of my first listen I was “enamorado”. This gentle, beautifully-sung and musically-captivating entry has a timeless romantic feel that pulls at my heartstrings (a tall order for a cynic like me!) and left me wanting more. I immediately re-listened and this’ll go straight to my NF playlist if/when it doesn’t qualify for Malmö 2024. Me ENCANTA!" ~ Steve

"I love the Festival da Cançao vibes that this brings. I think it will do well with the juries and has the most potential to well at Eurovision if it wins." ~ Fleur

"This is really lovely! I will always have time for an artist earnestly doing something as quiet and contained as these over 10 middle-of-the-road Spotify pop tracks. I don't know if it's the right choice for Eurovision, but it's right up my alley." ~ Craig

5. Almácor - 'Brillos platino' (59 points)

Highs: 10 points from Emma, 8 points from Fleur, 7 points from Sam

"What's not to love about 'Brillos Platino'? It's radio-friendly, has a catchy chorus, progresses nicely and is well-produced. On the down side, the lacklustre finish lets it down and we all know songs of this genre can be incredibly hard to stage effectively. Regardless I will be listening to this one long after the national final season has ended." ~ Emma

4. Marlena - 'Amor de verano' (69 points)

Highs: 12 points from Liv and Colleen, 10 points from Mike, 7 points from Emma

"I could listen to this all day, drink in hand, nice hammock and breeze drifting around. Immaculate chill vibes. Totally mesmerising and beautiful song. Basic? Yeah, probably a little - staging will be crucial to make sure this doesn't drag visually live. This will be one of my most listened-to songs of the year. Bloody love it." ~ Liv

"While not winning Benidorm Fest last year, Nochentera seemed to take Spain by storm even after Eurovision itself. Without knowing the lyrics, or having any musical knowledge, 'Amor de verano' has the exact same vibe to me. I also think it has the same potential to do well, at least domestically." ~ Colleen

"I like SO much about this! It's something I would listen to outside of the Eurovision-sphere! Another song that progresses nicely for the 3 minutes. I just wish it had the knockout punch." ~Mike

3. Jorge González - 'Caliente' (69 points)

Highs: 12 points from Hayley and Dale, 10 points from Kyriakos, 8 points from Mike

"How could I not choose this as my 12 points! What a bop! It's catchy, it's fun and it has huge staging potential!" ~ Hayley

"There is something so wonderfully simple about this and I mean that as a positive. It has a real Spanish vibe with elements of Quiero Arder combined with Muerdeme that are just so Spanish and just so perfect for Eurovision/Benidorm. Call me básico but this is easily my favourite." ~ Dale

"‘Caliente' has so much potential as a live performance I cannot wait to see what Jorge offers in Benidorm! I am expecting some epic choreo! The song has great hooks and an overall Spanish flavour throughout the whole song that works so beautifully." ~ Kyriakos

2. Angy Fernández - 'Sé quién soy (104 points)

Highs: 12 points from Tim, 10 points from Mark, Sam, Steven, Hayley, Liv and Hugo

"It starts off a bit of a basic pop song (and there’s no shortage of them this year in Benidorm) but by the end, it had a lot of energy in it that was enjoyable especially the transition from pop to rock. It has a different approach to the other songs which makes it memorable and stand out. I think if Spain were to send this, then it would certainly be a brave and possibly rewarding entry." ~ Tim

"Pop rock girlie banger that deserves to win (if Sofia stumbles). Sung well, written well, hard enough to win over rock fans but still listenable for the initiated among us - like if P!nk fronted Paramore." ~ Mark

"I really enjoyed this one – it is bloody catchy. There is a good hook in the chorus and it makes me want to bop along. This is also probably the most “rock” song of the line-up, and I would love to see Spain send something of that genre." ~ Same

"A catchy, dark-pop/rock bop with great progression throughout the song and scope for a “moment”. It’ll need a great live vocal, but if Angy delivers - as she does on the recorded version - then I’ll be obsessed. I’m not even a rock fan, and I LOVE the transitions to the electric guitar." ~ Steven

"I love the vocals and guitar in this song! It kind of reminds me of 2015 Portugal and Megara from last year - songs that I both love. Angy has attitude AND charisma and I wonder if Spain has ever sent anything like this? I am thinking not - so why not, in 2024? Send some rock Spain - I dare you!" ~ Hayley

"This screams an artist with considerable experience and has lots of great vocal moments for Angy to grab onto. It's throwback but done well with lots of grit and high production value. I get the impression she'll be able to hold a crowd very well." ~ Liv

"I love the soft rock vibes and Angy’s vocals pierce through. Melodic and entrancing and enough musical variety that I don’t get bored. I love the rock breakdown as well, peaks and troughs and then the vocal moment! This has it all; hopefully they can nail the staging." ~ Hugo

1. Sofia Coll - 'Here to stay' (106 points)

Highs: 12 points from Kyriakos, Mark, Emma, Sam, Hugo, 10 points from Fleur

"The song just captivated me from the very start and then when that bridge comes in “For all of you that don’t speak Spanish”, pwoah, and then that dramatic chorus is just perfection! Sofia is telling her haters that she ain’t going anywhere, she’s here to slay!!" ~ Kyriakos

"Gay anthem. Gay iconography. Gay rights. Gay, gay, gay. She had me at the spoken word interlude 50 seconds in. Start casting the topless male dancers for Malmo. Mama is coming to Sverige." ~ Mark

"'Here to Stay' grabbed my attention straight away and stands out in this field as not your stereotypical Spanish Eurovision entry. It's one of those songs that could win or flop. It's part camp Lady Gaga-style anthem which I could also imagine being used as a lip-synch song on Ru Paul's Drag Race. I love how the song progresses right from the know something big is coming and then we get the treat of the English pre-chorus that sets the tone for what is to come. Whilst the chorus itself is slightly repetitive, this should appeal to the typical Eurovision fan and should do well if it manages to win Benidorm Fest." ~Emma

"This is a fabulous song of empowerment with an equally sensational dance beat. The song lines up for some spectacular staging - I can imagine lots of flashing lights. If she can deliver the vocals live this could be one to watch not just in Benidorm but in Eurovision. The most attention-grabbing song of an otherwise mediocre Spanish line-up." ~ Sam

"This is iconic! Kitsch, seductive and an out and out banger! The hook and instrumental is catchy as anything and I really hope they can nail the staging. Almost think this will have more life if it doesn’t win Benidorm Fest, but I want it to! Let’s see how the Spanish public react to it…" ~ Hugo

"It's a bop, which I like and it is one of the standouts in this selection. It could do with a revamp as it only runs for 2.39 and it may be a chance in May." ~ Fleur

That's the rankings of the Aussievision team, do you agree?

You can check out all the songs at the RTVE Eurovision Benidorm Fest site.

The two semi-finals take place on 30 January and 1 February with the final on 3 February (all European times).

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