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  • Tim Everingham

Slovenia: EMA 2022 semi-final 1 results

This morning, Slovenia selected their first six acts out of ten to go through to the EMA Final.

The show was hosted by Melani Mekicar and Bojan Cvjetićanin.

Image source RTVSLO

The first three qualifiers were chosen by a professional jury and then the public were also able to select another three.

These six acts through to the final are:

  • July Jones - 'Girls Can Do Anything'

  • David Amaro - 'Še vedno si lepa'

  • Luma - 'All In'

  • Stela Sofia - 'Tu in zdaj'

  • Batista Cadillac - 'Mim pavil'

  • Manouche - 'Si sama?'

Sadly, these acts have been eliminated from EMA 2022:

  • Le Serpentine - 'Tud teb se lahk zgodi'

  • Bowrain and Brina - 'Čas je'

  • Jonatan Haller - 'Obzorje'

  • Zala Smolnikar – 'V ogledalu'

There will be another Semi Final next Saturday (Sunday Morning in Australia) with prominent name BQL among the ten contestants competing for the final six spots in the Final which will take place on the February 19 (February 20 in Australia).

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