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Slovenia announce artists for Evrovizijska Melodija 2020

On Friday the entrants for the final of Evrovizijska Melodija or EMA 2020 were announced with the final two contestants yet to be finalised.

These will come from the pre-contest EMA FREŠ and will be revealed on January 18 2020. EMA itself will take place on January 22 2020.

The artists and song titles where available are:

  • Ana Soklič - "Voda" (Water)

  • Božidar Wolfand Wolf - "Maybe Someday"

  • Gaja Prestor - "Verjamem vase" (I believe in myself)

  • Imset- "Femme Fatale"

  • INMATE - "The Salt"

  • Klara Jazbec - "Stop the World"

  • Lina Kuduzović - "Man Like U"

  • Manca Berlec - "Večnost" (Eternity)

  • Simon Vadnjal - "Nisi sam" (You're not alone)

  • Tinkara Kovač - "Forever"

  • TBA (18/01/2020) - "TBA"

  • TBA (18/01/2020) - "TBA"

Lina Kuduzović and Tinkara Kovač are contestants that are quite well known to Eurovision fans.

Veteran pop-rock performer Tinkara Kovač is returning for her fifth tilt for a qualifying competition. She represented Slovenia at ESC in 2014 with “Round and Round” and finished in 25th place. Her three previous attempts were in 1997, 1999 and 2001, Tinkara released her first single “"Odločitev" in 1993 and has previously sung with Jethro Tull and Robert Plant. She holds a music degree with her specialty being the flute.

Wunderkind Lina placed third at JESC 2015 with "Prva ljubezen" (First love). She is back with a self-penned entry called "Man Like U". Lina is 16 years old now and this is her first foray for the adult competition. She has been on the Slovene music scene for a while, since she won the first season of Slovenija ima talent (Slovenia's Got Talent) at just 7 years old.

The winner of EMA 2020 will be selected via two rounds of voting. In the first round, a jury of three-person panel will select two entries to proceed to the second round or Superfinal. From there the winner will be decided by a public vote.

From August 01 2019 November 18 2019, artists and composers were invited to submit their entries to Radiotelevizija Slovenija (RTVSLO)- the Slovene broadcaster. 74 entries were received and an expert committee consisting of Raiven (musician and singer), Mojca Menart (record label executive) and Jernej Vene (music editor) selected ten artists and songs for the competition.

EMA FREŠ was open to artists under the age of 26 and who had released less than three singles the competition ran from 4 November 04 2019 and December 06 2019. Voting took place online with voters choosing between two songs in a “duel” over nine days with weekly finals and second chance rounds added in.

The finalists for pre-contest EMA FREŠ include:

  • Stella - “Ne vem, če sem v redu”

  • Younite - “The Cure”

  • Alfirev - “Črno bela lika”

  • Klarity - “Diham”

  • Marmoris - “Moj pristan”

  • Saška - “Še kar lovim tvoj nasmeh”

  • Pia Nina - “Tukaj in zdaj”

  • Lana Hrvatin - “Dream”

  • Parvani Violet - “Cupid”

  • Astrid in Avantgarden - “Sing to Me”

Two of these will go thorugh to the EMA final.

This will be Slovenia’s 26th appearance in the contest. Their best result was 7th which was achieved in 1995 and 2001.


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