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Sigga, Beta & Elín win 'Söngvakeppnin' 2022 and will represent Iceland in Turin for Eurovision

Sigga, Beta & Elín have won the Icelandic national final, 'Söngvakeppnin' 2022, with their song ‘Með hækkandi sól’. The trio get the opportunity to go to Turin as Iceland's Eurovision 2022 representative!

The trio of sisters, Sigga, Beta & Elín, are also collectively known as 'Sisy Ey'. They compose and perform house music together.

Each sister also has a solo career where they sing folk/indie music.

‘Með hækkandi sól’ was originally written from the point of view from a 18th-19th century Icelandic woman who was in ‘Vistarband’. The Icelandic Vistarband was a requirement that all landless people be employed on a farm and these people did not have any real control of their lives, forced to work for others and live under rule.

The song is also a message of hope, drawing on the symbolism of “með hækkandi sól” which is the time of year in December when the sun starts to come earlier and set later each day. Sigga, Beta & Elín will be performing their song in Icelandic, as they did so in their semi-final.

Sigga, Beta & Elín performed ‘Með hækkandi sól’ solely in Icelandic. The last entry from Iceland in full Icelandic lyric was in 2019 with Hatari and 'Hatrið mun sigra'.

The results were worked out over two rounds of voting.

The first round was results were worked out by a 50/50 split between a jury and a public vote. The two acts with the highest score progress to the second round (Superfinal).

Final - First round results:

Sigga, Beta & Elín – 'Með hækkandi sól' - Qualified

Reykjavikurdaetur – 'Turn This Around' - Qualified

Stefán Óli – 'Ljósið' - Eliminated

Amarosis - 'Don’t You Know' - Eliminated

Katla – 'Þaðan af' - Eliminated

Final - Second round (Superfinal) results:

1. Sigga, Beta & Elín – 'Með hækkandi sól' - WINNERS

2. Reykjavikurdaetur – 'Turn This Around'

The jury members were:

  • Barry Van Corneval (Netherlands, Eurovision in Concert Organiser)

  • Daði Freyr (Iceland, Icelandic Eurovision artist in 2020 and 2021)

  • Heidi Välkkilä (Finland, Marketing Manager at Yle)

  • Ragnheiður Gröndal (Iceland, Musician)

  • Sóley Stefánsdóttir (Iceland, Musician)

  • Stig Karlsen (Norway, Head of Delegation for Norway at Eurovision)

  • Tusse (Sweden, Swedish Eurovision artist in 2021)

At Eurovision Sigga, Beta & Elín will compete in the second half of semi-final one on May 10 2022.

Iceland made their debut at Eurovision in 1986. After 35 years they are yet to win the coveted Eurovision trophy, but they have been close! Iceland have finished in the runner up position in 1999 with Selma's 'All Out of Luck' and in 2009 with Yohanna's 'Is It True?'.

Article was written by Kyriakos with contributions by Estelle.

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