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Sheppard release their new album ‘Kaleidoscope Eyes’

Brisbane band, Sheppard, have released their highly anticipated third album ‘Kaleidoscope Eyes’. The album is a collection of songs that Sheppard have drip fed to the world one track per month over the course of 2020, each with an accompanying music video.

Sheppard who consist of the three-piece founding members and siblings George, Amy and Emma competed at ‘Eurovision - Australia Decides 2019’ with their anthemic song ‘On My Way’. Their entry came third with the jury and the televoting public, giving them a podium finish of third place overall. That year Kate Miller-Heidke won with her operatic entry ‘Zero Gravity’ and headed off to Tel Aviv for Eurovision 2019.

About the new album one of the lead singers, George Sheppard, has stated “Kaleidoscope Eyes is an album dedicated to the wonders of love, in every form. With love, the world is a more colourful place. Spread it, make it, give it, feel it, appreciate it, and do your best not to lose it.”

The band had revealed their album release last last year, hot off the heels from their half-time 2020 AFL Grand Final performance.

A total of 13 singles have been released with music videos before the release of ‘Kaleidoscope Eyes’.

Their first single ‘Die Young’ was released in October 2019. It was co-written by the band together with New Zealander Jon Hume, better known as the lead singer and songwriter from the band Evermore, now a record producer. Jon has also co-produced songs for Guy Sebastian in the past.

Sheppard then started their monthly single releases with ‘Don’t Believe In Love’ which was released in February 2020. It was followed by the single ‘Somebody Like You’ in March. In September a duet version of ‘Somebody Like You’ was released with Taiwanese pop singer, Sammy Chang. The duet version is featured on her album ‘Sammy 1.0’, which was released in May 2020. The music video is very touching with both George Sheppard and SAMMY singing side by side along the coasts from different parts of the world.

April saw the release of ‘Come Back’. In this single Sheppard collaborated with Tania Doko, the lead singer from duo Bachelor Girl. Tania also competed in ‘Eurovision - Australia Decides 2019’ with the song ‘Piece of Me’.

In May the band released ‘Thank you’ in time for Mother’s Day and was dedicate to all “our beautiful mums”. Due to Covid-19 the band couldn’t make a music video so their instead enlisted the help of their fans to send clips with their mothers to feature in this very special music video.

In their June release ‘Symphony’ the band showcased very picturesque scenes from the city of Brisbane in the music video. ‘Symphony’ was a return to the bands infamous ‘Coming Home’ and ‘Geronimo’ sound. They followed up with ‘Lazy Love’ in July.

‘Catalina’ was Sheppard’s eighth single release and the band took a brand new direction. They shot the music video in their hometown, Brisbane on location at the RNA Showgrounds carpark and the Boranica Gardens at Mt Coot-Tha. ‘Catalina’ was a song Sheppard have worked on for three years and is about driving off into the sunset on an interstate highway outside of LA. They followed up with ‘Brand New’ in September.

‘Animals’ came along in October with a very colourful and fun music video. The track was described by the band as a “song for those who have always felt a little different to the rest of the crowd. It’s for those who dance to the beat of their own drum and let their inner animals run wild.”

In November Sheppard released the super catchy ‘Solid Gold’ which features the bands signature anthemic chorus, with all the siblings taking turns as the lead vocalists. The music video is all shimmering in gold and features Kate Miller-Heidke inspired crowns from her Eurovision performance of ‘Zero Gravity’. They ended 2020 with the release of ‘Learning to Fly’.

To celebrate the release of the new album the band released their 13th single from the album ‘M.I.A’.

Today the band are performing their album launch in Brisbane at The Fortitude Music Hall at 7.00pm. Tickets are still available, you can get them here. It will also be streamed live worldwide, check their Facebook page for details.

‘Kaleidoscope Eyes’ is available in physical format (CD and vinyl) here and is available to download from iTunes, and to stream on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube Music.


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