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Sheldon Riley's Australia Decides win - the reaction with international fans and markets

Image credit / SBS

On the weekend, Sheldon Riley and his song 'Not the Same' took out the Australia Decides crown with a narrow three point victory.

In the build up to the show, the attention has naturally been on the "domestic market" in Australia, but now with Eurovision in just over two months, the focus heads to Europe.

So how have fans and markets responded to his winning song and performance?

The markets

Following Sheldon's win, Australia sits anywhere from 5th to 8th place in international betting markets.

In terms of nations who have released their actual Eurovision song, we sits between 4th to 6th.

When it comes to our semi-final, Australia is the 3rd highest in the odds with only Sweden and Poland ahead.

This is a drop from earlier in the week where Australia was as high as 2nd place. Since then nations like Ukraine, Sweden and Poland have passed us while we share around the same chances as Greece and Norway at present.

Fan reaction

It can be hard to gauge the fan reaction overall, but the closest we have is the app My Eurovision Scoreboard.

The app collates the votes (using the traditional 12, 10, 8 etc system) of approximately 14,000 users on the songs released so far.

Sheldon's 'Not the Same' is sitting in 6th place behind favourites Spain, Italy and Poland.


Despite a small drop, Australia is still among the front running group in the odds behind favourites Italy and Ukraine.

While with the fans, this is the best an Australia Decides winner has done in terms of the My Eurovision Scoreboard after the event.

This is a great start for the Australian Eurovision 2022 campaign, but as we know, a LOT can happen before the live event in Turin.

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