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SBS Eurovision 2021 Semi-Final 1 replay - who did the Australian public like?

Tonight SBS aired the prime-time telecast replay of the first semi final of Eurovision 2021.

As usual, fans watching could vote for their favourites on the night, but there was a change in the way SBS ran this.

Intead of heavily liking or disliking a show for an overall %, they had options of four emojis of either:

  • Love

  • Like

  • Thumbs down

  • Laughing

So how did the Australian public vote?

Here's who got a LOVE reaction:

  • Lithuania

  • Russia

  • Australia

  • Cyprus

  • Norway

  • Croatia

  • Israel

  • Azerbaijan

  • Ukraine

  • Malta

One nation received a LIKE reaction:

  • Sweden

While these countries unfortunately received a DISLIKE reaction:

  • Slovenia

  • North Macedonia

  • Ireland

  • Belgium

  • Romania

So in comparison to the actual results it seems like Australia would swap out Croatia and Australia (surprise surprise!) for Belgium and Sweden to qualify.

Let's see how the public vote tomorrow for semi-final 2!

Tune in tomorrow night to SBS at 8:30pm AEST on or SBS Demand


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