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Sanremo 2023 Highlights, Results & Iconic Moments: Night 2

Larger than life hosts Amadeus and Gianni Morandi

Another day - another evening of the Sanremo Music Festival! If you missed yesterday's shenanigans we've got you covered here. Night 2 marked a much more contemporary, radio friendly selection of songs.

Allora, let's get to the nitty gritty. The second half of the artists performed this morning during the five hour show - here are the provisional results (combined from the first evening) for all 28 artists consisting of a print and TV media jury (33%), a radio jury (34%) and a web media jury (33%):


Notable Performances

Madame - 'Il bene nel male'

The much anticipated return of Madame did not disappoint this evening. She won the hearts of Eurofans with the dark-pop number 'Voce' in 2021, placing 8th. 'Il bene nel male' is another superb show of her unique and diverse vocals - allowing for her to really hit the crux of the emotional moments.

Madame has the ability to sing straight and then drop into a more raspy, emotional vocal seemingly effortlessly. Lyrically the song stands out - especially with her emotive performances. Musically the song is well produced, catchy and memorable. It wouldn't be surprising to see her in the Top 3 come final night.

Colapesce & Dimartino - 'Splash'

The lads from Sicily are back with another fun tune at Sanremo. Many will remember them for their 4th place effort at Sanremo 2021 with 'Musica leggerissima'. This year 'Spash' has all the hallmarks of being another grower at the festival with all that Italian-retro-charm. The charts will be the true indicator to see if it has the legs to finish in the Top 3 since the juries gave it a big thumbs up.

Rosa Chemical - 'Made in Italy'

Rosa Chemical certainly made waves at Sanremo this evening. 'Made in Italy' perfectly walks the line between a comedy entry and a genuinely good pop song with rap. The lyrics are tongue and cheek, delivered masterfully by Rosa Chemical. It's hard to ignore the stage presence, persona and craft on stage - even if the song isn't the most sophisticated it still makes a great show.

Lazza - 'Cenere'

Another Sanremo debut artist with something to prove. Lazza uses interesting riocontra language is this song (ie. inverting the syllables of works to generate characteristic sounds). 'Cenere' is the second of the festival co-written by the popular Dardust and has all the typical Dardust magic in the production. 'Cenere' is extremely radio friendly and easily palatable - certainly one of the standouts of the night.

Iconic Moments

No big flower mutilations on stage this morning - but Gianni Morandi made a point to remind the audience of the events of yesterday by dedicating a song to the fallen flowers of Blanco's performance and walking on stage with a broom.

Italian greats, good friends and talented artists Gianni Morandi, Al Bano and Massimo Ranieri performed a medley of all their greatest hits, this went for nearly 20 minutes and the locals ate it up. Truly a highlight of the evening.

The Black Eyed Peas doing a medley of their greatest hits (it was a night for medleys it seems). They previously performed at Sanremo in 2004 and paid tribute on stage to their on stage interpreter Bruno in good humour.

Twitter breaking down for 90 minutes during the broadcast causing fans to get into a frenzy

This morning was the second night of the five day festival - the rest of the week will proceed as follows:

Third Night - Friday (06:40am AEDT)

  • All 28 artists will perform their entries

  • Voting will be split between a demoscopic jury (50%) and televote (50%)

  • A provisional ranking combining results from all three evenings will be given

  • Notable special guest: Måneskin with Tom Morello

Fourth Night - Saturday (06:40am AEDT)

  • All 28 artist will perform covers of iconic Italian or international songs from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s or noughties.

  • Artists may perform solo or together with an acclaimed Italian or international guest

  • Voting will be televote (34%), combined press jury (33%) and demoscopic jury (33%)

  • A provisional ranking combining results from all four evenings will be given

  • Notable special guest: The cast of Mare fuori

Final Night - Sunday (06:40am AEDT)

  • All 28 artists will perform their songs for the third and final time

  • At the end of televoting, the final ranking will be drawn up, determined by the average between the percentages of the final evening and those of the previous evenings, which will establish the final ranking from the twenty-eighth to the sixth position. The top 5 ranked acts will proceed to super final to decide the winner.

  • Votes will be reset. Of the top five in the super final - the winner will be decided by televote (34%), press jury (33%) and demoscopic jury (33%).

  • Notable special guest: Depeche Mode

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