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San Marino: Una Voce Per San Marino 2023 semi-finalists announced

This evening, RTV San Marino announced the 106 artists who will take part in the semi-finals of their national final: Una Voce Per San Marino (UVPSM). This list contains both fresh talent and familiar faces both from around San Marino and its neighbouring Italy, to countries such as Australia and Albania in the mix.

The Competitors

Below is the list of artists that will compete in UVPSM according to RTV San Marino:

  • Acousticouple (Italy)

  • Alabaster (Italy)

  • Alessandro Coli (Italy)

  • Alfie Arcuri (Australia)

  • Andry (Italy)

  • Angel Dell (Finland)

  • ARIA (Italy)

  • Aristea (Italy)

  • Atwood (Italy)

  • Blonde Brothers (Italy)

  • Brandon Parasole (Spain)

  • Camilla (Italy)

  • Camille Cabaltera (Italy)

  • Christina (Italy)

  • CHRISTOPHER (Germany)

  • Ciro De Luca (Romania)

  • Con Amore (United Kingdom)

  • Daniel Schuhmacher (Germany)

  • Daudia (Italy)

  • Deborah Lurato (Italy)

  • Deshedus (Italy)

  • Dəva (Italy)

  • Dionysian (Italy)

  • DramaLove (United Kingdom)

  • E.E.F. (Italy)

  • Edoardo Brogi (Italy)

  • EIFFEL 65 (Italy)

  • Eleonora Ali (Italy)

  • Ellynora (Italy)

  • Erna Hrönn (Iceland)

  • Ferrán Faba (Spain)

  • FLEXX (Italy)

  • FLORIN RADUTA (Belgium)

  • Francesca Monte & Kevan (Italy)

  • Francesco Balasso (Italy)

  • Francesco Da Vinci (Italy)

  • Francesco Monte (Italy)

  • FreakyBea (Italy)

  • Gelida (Italy)

  • GINNY VEE (Italy)

  • Gisele Abramoff (Germany)

  • Ice Eye (Finland)

  • Ilenya (Italy)

  • Iole (Italy)

  • JENNY & ME (Switzerland)

  • Jenny May (Latvia)

  • KIARA D.V. ft. PAMELA IVONNE COLE (United Kingdom)

  • Kurt Cassar (Malta)

  • La Bebae (Italy)

  • Laioung ft. Marzio (United States)

  • Le Deva (Italy)

  • Leonor (Italy)

  • LODIA (Italy)

  • Lola (Croatia)

  • Lorenza Rocchiccioli (Italy)

  • Lorenzo Licitra (Italy)

  • Lost City ft. Emerique (Italy)

  • Luca Minnelli (Italy)

  • Luciano Carlino (Italy)

  • Luna Palumbo (Italy)

  • Manuel Aspidi (Italy)

  • Massimo Di Cataldo e Andrea Agresti (Italy)

  • MATE (Italy)

  • Matilde (Italy)

  • MAYU (Switzerland)

  • MeriCler (Italy)

  • Moreno (Italy)

  • Morgana (Italy)

  • Neja & Luca Guadagnini Band (Italy)

  • NeVRuZ (Italy)

  • Nicole Hammett (Malta)

  • Noe (Italy)

  • Norah (Italy)

  • Only Sara (Italy)

  • Ophelio (Italy)

  • Out Offline (Italy)

  • Piqued Jacks (Italy)

  • Pjero (Italy)

  • Raim (Italy)

  • RAWSTRINGS (Italy)

  • Ronela (Albania

  • Rouges (Italy)

  • Roy Paci (Italy)

  • Ruggero Ricci (Italy)

  • Santo (Italy)

  • SARA (Italy)

  • Selina Albright (United States)

  • Silver (Italy)

  • Sofia Mae (Italy)

  • Sophia (Italy)

  • Stefano d'Orazio (Italy)

  • Surama Tsu (Italy)

  • TES - Turri Esageratamente Stonzi (Italy)

  • Thomas (Italy)

  • Tothem (Italy)

  • Veronica Howle (Italy)

  • Veronica Romero (Spain)

  • Vian (Italy)

  • Victor Arbelo (Spain)

  • Vina Rose (United Kingdom)

  • Viviana (Italy)

  • Viviana Milioti (Germany)

  • Xada (Italy)

  • XGIOVE (Italy)

  • Kida (San Marino)

  • Simone (San Marino)

While San Marino has had Sammarinese participants before, the microstate is known for attracting artists from different countries to represent them at Eurovision. The usual homeland of Sammarinese participants is Italy, but San Marino has had representatives from other countries such as Türkiye, Malta and Germany. There is also no rule concerning where an artist or songwriter should be from.

Familiar Faces and Australian Talent

Die hard Eurovision fans will recognise Ronela from Albania as the Albanian representative of 2022 who finished 12th in the first semi final with the song 'Sekret'. Another member of this lineup that may be recognisable are the Italian Eurodance group Eiffel 65 who's song 'Blue (Da Ba Dee) was a hit in the late 1990s.

One Australian artist has also decided to try his luck in representing the microstate. Alfie Arcuri, known in Australia for winning the fifth season of The Voice and competing in the 2019 edition of 'Eurovision - Australia Decides' has also appeared in the lineup.

San Marino at Eurovision

San Marino debuted at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2008 with the song 'Complice' by Modio. After a string of non-qualifications, They received their best result in 2019 when Serhat represented the microstate with 'Say Na Na Na.' In 2021, American rapper Flo Rida accompanied Italian singer Senhit with the song 'Adrenalina.' Last year, San Marino was represented by Achille Lauro with the song 'Stripper.'

San Marino will compete in the second half of the second semi final this year in Liverpool.

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