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Sam Ryder's 'SPACE MAN' touches down on Australian radio

Image credit: Getty Images

This years runner-up at Eurovision 2022 Sam Ryder has hit the Australian radio with his Eurovision entry 'SPACE MAN'.

This follows his performance at one of the UK's biggest events of the year, the Platinum Party at the Palace to mark the Queen's Jubilee.

As of June 6 2022 'SPACE MAN' made its debut at No. 42 on the Big Hot 100, an airplay chart, which is calculated via number of plays a song gains, across all radio stations and digital audio radio in Australia. 'SPACE MAN' has also been heard by Aussie Eurovision fans on rotation on Nova, a national Australian radio station.

Following Sam Ryder's Platinum Party at the Palace performance 'SPACE MAN' jumped back onto the Australian iTunes chart in the top 20 at No. 19.

The song had previously peaked at No. 10 on the chart just after the Eurovision 2022 Grand Final where Sam Ryder won the jury vote and came 5th with the televote to finish in the runner-up spot. It became the UK's best placed entry in 24 years.

Sam Ryder also made a return on the Spotify Daily Viral Songs Australia chart at No. 87 with 'SPACE MAN'. The song previously peaked at No. 22 following his Eurovision performance in May.

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