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Russia select Tanya Mezhentseva with 'Mon Ami' for Junior Eurovision 2021

Russia has confirmed their Junior Eurovision 2021 song and artist after 11-year-old Tanya Mezhentseva won the Russian national final with 'Mon Ami', sung in both Russian and English. Tanya is a Junior Eurovision veteran, having represented Russia with Denberel Oorzhak in 2019 with 'A Time For Us' which finished thirteenth.

Speaking after her win, Tanya said -

“This year I decided to try my hand at a solo song, and I succeeded! I am very glad that I will represent Russia at the competition in Paris. I would like to note that I had strong rivals. All the participants had good songs and beautiful numbers. . I wanted to thank everyone who voted for me and my song Mon Ami in the final! And also my family, which always supports me, “

The winner was determined by a jury made up of 2004 Russian Eurovision representative Julia Savicheva, Russian Junior Eurovision head of delegation Ekaterina Orlova, Ekaterina Maneshina and Valery Kuzakov.

The results of the online vote were:

  • Tanya Mezhentseva – 'Mon ami' (My friend) – 18.68%

  • OCHECHI – 'Siyay' (Shine) – 16.22%

  • Maria Gulevich – 'Moy mir' (My world) – 14.86%

  • Yulia Favrilova – 'Moyo imya lyubov' (My name is love) – 13.76%

  • Polina Etchik – 'Vremya mechtat' (Time to dream) – 8.89%

  • Lol & Pop – 'Tantsuy' (Dance) – 7.38%

  • Andrey Dobryshev – '100 dorog' (100 roads) – 5.99%

  • Tania Sania – 'Zakruzhit' (Whirl) – 5.39%

  • Murad Kushlaev – 'Naivnaya' (Naive) – 4.06%

  • Nikita Varentsov – '7.40' – 2.15%

  • Liza Trofimova – 'Zachet' (Offset) – 0.43%

  • Sofia Fomenko – 'Hey Mom' – 0.28%

Russia debuted at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2005 and have participated in the contest every year since, winning in both 2006 and 2017. They have finished in the Top 10 in every year except 2019. In 2020, they were represented by Sofia Feskova who finished 10th.

Junior Eurovision 2021 will take place in Paris on 19 December 2021, after the victory of France’s Valentina last year with 'J’imagine'.

You can find out more details on the Junior Eurovision artists, songs and competition details at


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