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Portugal: 'Festival da Canção' 2024 songs and artists announced

Source: RTP

Portuguese broadcaster RTP has released the songs and artists competing in 'Festival Da Canção' 2024, the annual selection to find Portugal’s Eurovision entry.

Two semi-finals and a grand final will take place over three weeks, starting on February 24 (European time). This represents a change-up from 2023, when the competition took place over three nights in a single week.

The 20 songs are:

  • Bispo - 'Casa portuguesa'

  • Buba Espinho - 'O farol'

  • Cristina Clara - 'Primavera'

  • Filipa - 'You Can't Hide'

  • Huca - 'Pé de choro'

  • Iolanda - 'Grito'

  • João Borsch - '...Pelas costuras'

  • João Couto - 'Quarto para um'

  • Left - 'Volto a ti'

  • Leo Middea - 'Doce mistério'

  • Maria João - 'Dia'

  • Mela - 'Água'

  • Mila Dores - 'Afia a língua'

  • Nena - 'Teorias da conspiração'

  • No Maka ft. Ana Maria - 'Aceitar'

  • Noble - 'Memory'

  • Perpétua - 'Bem longe daqui'

  • Rita Onofre - 'Criatua'

  • Rita Rocha - 'Pontos finais'

  • Silk Nobre - 'Change'

This year's list of composers was announced back in November, with 14 songwriters invited by broadcaster RTP and the remaining six coming via a public submission process.

Portugal was represented at the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest by Mimicat and her song, 'Ai coração'. The song qualified for the Grand Final where it finished 23rd. Portugal won its first and only Eurovision trophy in 2017, thanks to Salvador Sobral and 'Amar pelos dois'.

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