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  • Craig Land

Portugal: 'Festival da Canção' 2022 songs and artists announced

Source: RTP

Portuguese broadcaster RTP has released the 20 songs competing in 'Festival Da Canção' 2022, the annual selection show to find Portugal’s Eurovision entry.

As in past years, these entries will be divided into two semi-finals of 10 songs each, with the top five songs from each semifinal progressing to the Grand Final.

However, unlike past years, all three shows in 2022 will take place over the course of a single week, rather than being spaced out over a longer period. The two semifinals will be broadcast on 5 and 7 March 2022, with the Grand Final following on 12 March 2022.

16 of this year's songs were invited by the broadcaster to submit an entry for the competition. The remaining four songs - penned by Pedro Marques, Pepperoni Passion, The Mister Driver and Tiago Nogueira - were selected through an open submissions process. 600 entries were received for the competition this year.

The artists and song competing this year are:

  • Aurea - 'Why?'

  • Blacci – 'Mar No Fim'

  • Cubita - 'Uma Mensagem Tua'

  • Diana Castro - 'Ginger Ale'

  • Fado Bicha - 'Povo Pequenino'

  • FF - 'Bom Esperar Alguém'

  • Ines Homem de Melo – 'Fame de Viagem'

  • Jonas – 'Pontas Soltas'

  • Kumpania Algazarra – 'A Minha Praia'

  • Maro – 'saudade, saudade'

  • Milhanas – 'Corpa de Milher'

  • Norton - 'Hope'

  • Os Azeitonas – 'Solta a Voz e Canta'

  • Os Quatro e Meia - 'Amanhã'

  • O Vampiro Submarino – 'Ao Lado de Mim'

  • Pepperoni Passion – 'Código 30'

  • Pongo e Tristany – 'DÉGRA.DÉ'

  • Syro – 'Ainda nos Temos'

  • TheMisterDriver - 'Cali Sun'

  • Valas & Os Astronautas - 'Odisseia'

Portugal was represented at the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest by The Black Mamba with their blues ballad ‘Love is on my side’. Exceeding all pre-contest expectations, they achieved Portugal’s best Eurovision result since Salvador Sobral’s win in 2017, landing in 12th place with 153 points.

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