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Our Q&A with Didrik Solli-Tangen

Didrik (left) and his brother Emil (right)

Didrik Solli-Tangen who represented Norway at Eurovision in 2010, was announced this week as one of five entries automatically through to the Norwegian National Final 'Melodi Grand Prix'. But this time he is entering as a duo with his brother.

We chatted to Didrik about working with his brother, why he's back, what he's been up to plus his offer of a tandem skydive! Read his interview with us below.

Congratulations on automatically qualifying for the grand final Didrik, so when did you make the decision to enter Melodi Grand Prix this year? Was it your idea or your brother’s?

Thanks, we´re so grateful! I guess we both thought about it. That we would love to give it another go! Since Emil also competed in 2013, we decided, this time we do it together. And you know it could not have been a better year. 10 year anniversary for 'My Heart is Yours' and 60 years for the Norwegian Competition.

Performing and working with your brother must be interesting, what are some of the positives and the challenges of doing this with him?

Of course! But i guess the positive sides are bigger than the challenges. He can be a bit lazy from time to time, and i end up doing the boring stuff that comes with this profession. But i thats more the curse of being a big brother :P

So you're both classically trained, is that something we should expect from the song? 

We both have the classical training in us, but this song is something else. I would call it a fusion of everything we have done up until now.

You also had a hand in writing the song with Mats Tärnfors, Niklas Lundi and Fredrik Boström, who has some Melfest experience, what was that process like

There is actually a funny story behind the song, because it was supposed to go on my album in 2013, but it didn’t fit in. I was in Sweden and recorded the song, but when I heard it afterwards there was something missing. It did not make the album and was just put in one of my "dusty drawers". Until now...and when I accidentally stumbled over the song in search for a winning melody for the Song Contest, I all of a sudden found the missing piece. It was my brother!

For international audiences, they last saw you compete for Norway at the 2010 contest in Oslo, we know it can be hard to answer in a short space, but what have you been up to over the last decade?

I have done so many things…I sang duet with Jose Carreras at one of his concerts. I had my own concert with the National Symphony Orchestra of Norway. I have toured Norway many times with my own concerts. I recently played Don Jose in the opera 'Carmen'. Participated in many tv-shows here in Norway. Emil and I actually went to an American festival and \played shows there 3 years in a row. We also trained with the Norwegian Special Forces for a week, no food, long distances and bad weather. 

In general I`m so humble and proud of what I have done this decade. It`s just insane.

Didrik hosting 'All Together Now Norge'

Did you have any concerns about coming back after competing previously?

I´ve thought about it of course. But i feel that I bring the heat this year, both with my brother and a song that I think will surprise many fans.

What has the reception been like from fans? 

They love it, and many said that they have waited for the duo to compete.

What was the experience of performing at Eurovision in front of your home crowd like? 

Honestly I don´t remember much of the performance. I remember going on stage, and going off. And when I see the performance I don't see myself… I see a robot who performs what he has been told to.

Did you have any personal favourite songs from the year you competed? 

I loved Mr. Saxo, and The Sunstroke Project. That number was epic!!!

The 60th anniversary is obviously a big deal for Norway this year, do you have any Melodi Grand Prix favourites? 

I must say that my favorite moment was when Alexander won with 'Fairytale'. Norway turned on its head!! It was crazy times :) 

Outside of music what are your passions? 

I love cars, skydiving and Mountain Biking!

Many Australians will be travelling throughout Europe as part of Eurovision, if they came to Norway what would be your top tip? 

Go to 'Lofoten' The nature and the light up there are amazing. Really. Or come to my local skydiving club 'Grenland FSK', do a tandem jump? :) I´ll film if I’m available :P 


Have you been to Australia or is it a destination that would interest you? 

I´ve always dreamt of going to Australia, just to see the wild nature!

And finally which creature from Australia would terrify you the most: shark, snake, spider, crocodile, the humans or jellyfish?

I guess the box jellyfish, cos i would not see it coming. That frightens me!!


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