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Our OGAE Second Chance Top 10

As voting is about to close in the OGAE Second Chance competition, we thought we should share our (Dale and Mike) own Top 10 based on our combined votes.

The OGAE second chance competition itself has been going since 1987 and gives fans to vote on their favourite songs that didn't make it out of the national finals to the Eurovision stage.

Sweden has won the contest 16 times, with Italy the next best on 5 wins. Italy's last win came in 2018 when Annalisa won with Il mondo prima di te. OGAE Italy will put together this year's competition where Australia will make their debut.

For our list we won't include Electric Fields since we can't vote for them as part of OGAE Australia. Here is out 10 in reverse order:

10. Portugal: Surma - Pugna

Part art-piece, part song. You couldn't take your eyes off this performance. Certainly memorable it also isn't for everyone (and certainly split opinions here at Aussievision)

9. Lithuania: Monika Marija - Light On

A stellar voice with a really good song, was unlucky to lose out to Jurijus.

8. Albania: Mirud - Nënë

Mirud was the first shock of the season when he didn't make the final of Festivali i Këngës. Maybe not his greatest performance but the look, voice and song ticked all the boxes.

7. Germany: Aly Ryan - Wear Your Love

Another fan favourite that was unlucky not to win. Probably went for a bit too much on the night which took away from her voice. But the overall package was great. This is one we've learnt to enjoy overtime...

6. Slovenia: Ula Lozar - Fridays

Slovenia picked the right winner but this was a fun, fresh, catchy pop song from a Junior Eurovision alumni. We'd be happy to see Ula back for another chance of making the senior contest.

5. Spain: María Villar - Muérdeme

Did María want to go? Did she put 100% into her performance? I guess we'll never know... regardless we can still enjoy this sultry Spanish track.

4. Latvia: Edgars Kreilis - Cherry Absinthe

Maybe not quite as good as his 2018 entry, this song from Edgars Kreilis was our stand out favourite from the Latvian auditions onwards. For someone who is a part-time musician, Edgars is growing into someone who is destined for the Eurovision stage. Just needs the right song and not fall into the Markus Riva trap....

3. Estonia: Lumervav ft Inga - Milline Päev

No budget? No worries! Inga (in full branding) did a fantastic solo performance of this at Eesti Laul. A big favourite of ours since all songs were released for the Estonian contest, we were chuffed to see her finish 2nd in the juries and 5th overall AND to see the Estonian fan club choose this as their representative.

2. France: Seemone - Tous Les Deux

Did France miss an opportunity with this song? We will never know! Seemone's unique vocal and very French emotional delivery captured many fans of this song and her performance. If you don't feel anything when watching this song, then you have no soul.

1. Sweden: Anna Bergendahl - Ashes to Ashes

She shined, she glowed, she burned. Easily our song of the season and an amazing redemption story. Anna didn't make it to Eurovision but she exorcised some demons from not qualifying for the final at Eurovision 2010. The song was fantastic pop with country/folk elements with a eye-catching performance in a silver bodysuit and cape. A worthy winner of ours and we hope she takes out the contest.


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