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Olena Usenko to represent Ukraine at Junior Eurovision 2021 with 'Vazhil'

Overnight, Ukraine selected Olena Usenko to represent them at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest with the song ‘Vazhil’ (‘Leverage’).

Broadcast on UA:Kultura, the national final had 11 competing artists trying to represent the nation, which was eventually won by Olena.

The singer won both the jury and the public votes (in an 80/20 split respectively), with 52 points from the juries and 11 points from the public.

The full results of the show were as follows:

  1. Olena Usenko - ‘Vazhil’ - 63 points

  2. Darina Kryvenko - ‘Kosy khmarochosy’ - 51 points

  3. Veronika Morska - ‘Save this World’ - 44 points

  4. Mariya Tkachuk - ‘Pazly svitu’ - 41 points

  5. Anastayia Doroshenko - ‘Svit nadliudei’ - 37 points

  6. Sofia Skvaruk - ‘Golden Time’ - 32 points

  7. Arseniy Grischenko - ‘Redemption’ - 30 points

  8. Daryna Zinchenko - ‘Save this World’ - 29 points

  9. Darya Rebrova - ‘Make Me Happy’ - 27 points

  10. Yelizabeta Petryk - ‘Save this World’ - 23 points

  11. Karina Kornuta - ‘Save this World’ - 19 points

The judging panel included Alyosha, who represented Ukraine at the Eurovision Song Contest 2010, and Oleksandr Balabanov, who represented Ukraine at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2020.

You can listen the song below:

Ukraine have competed at Junior Eurovision every year since 2006, and won the competition once in 2012 with Anastasia Petryk’s ‘Nebo’.

You can find out more details on the Junior Eurovision artists, songs and competition details at


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