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OGAE Song Contest 2023: Full line-up of competing songs

Image credit: OGAE Australia

It is time for the OGAE Song Contest 2023!

Every year, the OGAE fan clubs host a number of song competitions: The OGAE Second Chance Contest (a battle between songs that competed in national selections but weren't chosen by their countries) and the OGAE Song Contest!

For those not familiar, the OGAE International Network (French: Organisation Générale des Amateurs de l'Eurovision, English: General Organization of Eurovision Fans) is the network of official Eurovision fan clubs.

The OGAE Song Contest sees national clubs enter an original song from their nation released in the previous 12 months and sung in one of the country's official languages.

This year’s contest will be hosted by OGAE Australia following their 2021 win with 'Fly Away' by Tones and I! The Tones and I win was Australia's second ever win in the OGAE Song Contest. The first time Australia won was in 2017 with ‘Fighting for Love’ by Dami Im.

The OGAE Australia have today announced the songs that would be competing in this year's competition.

(The songs are listed in the running order presented by OGAE Australia)

  1. Andorra: Triquell - 'Jugular'

  2. France: Slimane - 'Des millers de je t'aime'

  3. Finland: KUUMA - 'Tulipalo'

  4. Poland: Margaret - 'Tańcz głupia'

  5. Portugal: Calema, Nuno Ribeiro & Mariza - 'Maria Joana'

  6. Greece: Konstantinos Argiros - 'Elpida'

  7. Australia: Kylie Minogue - 'Padam Padam'

  8. Hungary: Azahriah - 'Four Moods'

  9. Germany: Michael Schulte - 'With You'

  10. Armenia: Malena - 'Flashing Lights'

  11. Malta: Aidan - 'Madam'

  12. Spain: Aitana - 'Los Ángeles'

  13. Croatia: Eni Jurišić & Matija Cvek - 'Trebaš Li Me'

  14. Ukraine: Artem Pivovarov - 'Manifest'

  15. North Macedonia: Pajak ft. Antonia Gigovska - 'Habibi'

  16. Italy: Annalisa - 'Mon Amour'

  17. Slovenia: Eva Boto - 'Nočem, da greš'

  18. Belgium: Oscar and the Wolf - 'Warrior'

  19. Ireland: Niall Horan - 'The Show'

  20. Latvia: Citi Zēni ft. Labvēlīgais Tips - 'Baļļīte'

  21. Denmark: Tobias Rahim - 'Når Mænd Græder'

  22. Czechia: Mikolas Josef - 'Boys Don't Cry'

  23. Serbia: Teya Dora - 'Džanum'

  24. Austria: Pia Maria - 'White Noise'

  25. Estonia: Stefan - 'Kiri Külmkapi Peal'

  26. Türkiye: Günes - 'NKBÍ'

  27. Cyprus: Loukas Yorkas - 'Μέχρι Τον Ουρανό'

  28. United Kingdom: Harry Styles - 'As It Was'

  29. Norway: KEiiNO - 'Nights of Thunder'

  30. Rest of the World: Two Hearts - 'Eurovusion (Open Up)'

  31. Sweden: Zara Larsson - 'Can't Tame Her'

Could Australia win back to back? Kylie Minogue's 'Padam Padam' did become the hit of the summer in the northern hemisphere!

Get more details, or check out snippets of the songs, on the OGAE Australia website here.

Also merch is available for the OGAE Song Contest 2023, check it all out here.

Voting begins on September 9 and closes on October 21 2023.

Voting is open to OGAE members only, so be sure to check out OGAE Australia (for our Australian fans) or OGAE Rest of the World for other non Europe based fans!

For continued updates on all the Eurovision news follow Aussievision on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Threads. All links at:


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