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Italy's Angelina Mango wins The Eurojury 2024

Italy has won this year's Eurojury 2024, with both the jury and public results being announced today.

Despite finishing 2nd in the both jury and online votes, Italy had enough points to overtake jury winner France and public winner Croatia to take the overall win.

Switzerland was runner-up with a third place in both the jury and online vote.

Jury winner France finished third overall after finishing in 10th place with the public.

This is the first time since the Online Vote was added in 2016 that the overall winner of Eurojury was not the winner of either the Jury or Online vote.

Francesco Gabbani is Italy's only other Eurojury winner with 'Occidentali's Karma' in 2017. He went on to finish in 9th place at Eurovision with contest winner Portugal coming 5th in the Eurojury poll.

The Euro Jury - Final results

The final results are detailed below:

Australia finished in 33rd place with a total of 40 points.

The Euro Jury - Jury scores

The full jury results of the Euro Jury were as follows:

It was neck and neck at the top of the jury vote with France topping the poll by a mere 7 points (295 points). Close behind were Italy (288 points) and Switzerland (280 points).

Australia's Electric Fields finished in 36th place with 6 points received from the juries of France, Greece and Belgium.

The Australian jury members were:

  • Dami Im – Represented Australia at Eurovision 2016

  • Erica Padilla – Participated in Australia’s Eurovision 2022 selection

  • Gary Pinto – Backing vocalist for Australia at Eurovision 2018

  • Jucaso – Participated in San Marino’s Eurovision 2024 selection

Here's how the Australian jury voted:

12 points - Israel

10 points - Sweden

8 points - Greece

7 points - Italy

6 points - Switzerland

5 points - Latvia

4 points - Moldova

3 points - Croatia

2 points - Portugal

1 point - Austria

The Euro Jury - Online Vote

The full public results of the Euro Jury were as follows:

Croatia was favoured by the public in the online vote (190 points), followed by overall winner Italy (184 points) and overall runner-up Switzerland (170 points).

Australia finished in 27th place with the public with a total of 34 points.

How does the Eurojury work?

Run by our friends at Eurovoix since 2014, a jury from each voting nation are invited to rank the competing songs. The jury is formed of artists, songwriters, and musicians who have competed at the Eurovision Song Contest or the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

The jury results account for 50% of the vote. The remaining 50% is decided by an online public vote.

From mid-April, the results of each jury have been revealed in a series of articles. These articles name the top ten of each jury in a random order and also reveal the top three.

After each country's jury votes have been published, the full results of the jury from last to 1st place will be revealed. A jury winner will be declared and these results will then be combined with the public vote to discover the overall winner of Eurojury 2024.

On three occasions, the Eurojury has successfully predicted the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Previous Eurovision winners that were predicted by the Eurojury are -

  • 2018 - Israel - 'Toy

  • 2019 - The Netherlands - 'Arcade'

  • 2023 - Sweden - 'Tattoo'

Australia in the Eurojury

Guy Sebastian was the overall winner of the second ever Eurojury in 2015. In Australia's debut year in the competition, he finished in 5th place with 'Tonight Again'. Runner-up in the Eurojury was Sweden's Måns Zelmerlöw who went on to take out the actual contest.

In 2016, the jury component of the Eurojury was won by Dami Im's 'Sound of Silence' although the overall winner was France. In the actual contest, Dami was runner-up to Ukraine's Jamala while France finished in 6th place.

You can follow the results of the Eurojury as they come through on the Eurovoix website.

For continued updates on all Eurovision Song Contest news, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube and Instagram. All the links can be found at:


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