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OGAE Second Chance Contest 2022: Aussievision votes

The annual OGAE Second Chance Contest sees each official fan club (OGAE Australia, OGAE Sweden etc.) select a song that didn't win their national final to battle it out in a Eurovision style contest.

The competition has been running since 1987 and Norway won it last year thanks to KEiiNO and their entry 'Monument'. It was Norway's fourth title. OGAE Norway therefore get to host the contest this year.

27 countries will be competing in the 2022 edition, including Australia!

Voyager will be representing Australia with 'Dreamer' (as voted by OGAE Australia members).

The Aussievision team has gone through all the entries and voted for our favourites (excluding Voyager). Here’s our Top 10, in reverse order:

10. Anna Sahlene - 'Champion' (Estonia)

38 points (8 points from Hugo; 6 points from Laura, Kyriakos and Tim)

This song from Estonia’s Eesti Laul this year certainly has its fans. The uplifting pop number by Anna Sahlene in fact made it all the way to the Final. 'Champion' advanced from quarter-final three coming third with the televote, and then came second in the jury and televote in semi-final two.

In the Final, 'Champion' came in fourth place, just missing out on the Superfinal.

Anna picked up points from 7 out of the 15 voting Aussievision contributors.

9. Pauline Chagne - 'Nuit Pauline' (France)

43 points (12 points from Teddy; 8 points from Laura)

Pauline Chagne pulled out the big guns with her electric harp, sparkly outfit and 80s-inspired number 'Nuit Pauline'.

Pauline advanced to the Superfinal, where she finished in the runner-up spot - 50 points behind winners Alvan and Ahez. 'Nuit Pauline' was ranked fourth by the jury and came second in the televote. Jury member Gjon's Tears gave the song his “douze points”.

10 out of the 15 voting Aussievision team members gave points to the song, including 12 points from a passionate contributor.

8. Viktor Apostolovski - 'Superman' (North Macedonia)

44 points (10 points from Dale; 8 points from Emma and Kyriakos)

This song is not everyone's cup of tea but it’s definitely a favourite amongst some in the Aussievision team.

Viktor Apostolovski’s freestyle number 'Superman' actually drew with Andrea's 'Circles' in North Macedonia's Eurovision national final.

'Superman' was a televote favourite finishing in first place with the public and securing 41% of the votes. The song however came only third with the jury, ultimately ending in a tie with 'Circles', the winning song as chosen by the jury.

8 of the 15 voting Aussievision team members awarded points to Viktor, who also achieved three Top 3 positions.

7. Fuld Effekt - 'Rave Med De Hårde Drenge' (Denmark)

48 points (12 points from Fleur and Tim; 8 points from Cooper)

Fuld Effekt came fourth in Denmark's 'Melodi Grand Prix' on 22% of the vote, ultimately surprising many by missing out on the Superfinal, in which Reddi prevailed with 'The Show'.

'Rave Med De Hårde Drenge' does have its fans though, especially within the Aussievision team. 8 contributors gave the entry points, with two team members giving it their maximum 12 points.

6. MEDINA - 'In I Dimman' (Sweden)

49 points (8 points from Alana, Josh and Liv)

This year OGAE Sweden picked the electric football chant-sounding 'In I Dimman' by Medina to represent them in the contest.

The duo finished in 3rd place at Melodifestivalen, qualifying for the Final after coming in second place in Heat 4. In the Final the Dutch international jury gave then 12 points.

9 out of 15 Aussievision voters gave Medina points, with three putting them in their Top 3.

5. GIUDI - 'Jezinsky' (Czech Republic)

55 points (12 points from Hugo; 10 points from Alana and Hayley)

The haunting number 'Jezinsky' by GIUDI made a huge impression within the Eurovision fandom. GIUDI finished in third place in the 'Eurovision Song CZ 2022'. She came fourth with the jury, third with the Czech public and in second place in the international public vote.

9 of the 15 voting team members gave this song points, including one set of “douze points” and two other Top 3 scores.

4. Rigoberta Bandini - 'Ay Mama' (Spain)

56 points (12 points from Guy; 10 points from Kyriakos and Teddy)

The revived Spanish national final format Benidorm Fest was a huge success, with some Eurovision fan favourites featuring in the line up.

Rigoberta Bandini impressed with her memorable performance of 'Ay mamá', which won semi-final 2. In the Final 'Ay mamá' came second with the expert jury, demoscopic jury and the televote to finish in the runner-up spot to Chanel's 'SloMo', which would go to Turin representing Spain.

Even though 'Ay mamá' missed out on a place at Eurovision, it became a huge hit with fans, including some Aussievision team members.

7 out of our 15 voting contributors gave it points, with one contributor awarding it 12 points and two others giving 10 points.

3. Lolita Zero - 'Not Your Mother' (Lithuania)

80 points (12 points from Alana, Hayley and Kyriakos; 10 points from Fleur and Liv)

Lolita Zero delivered a very different entry at this year’s 'Pabandom iš naujo!' with 'Not Your Mother'.

Lolita came third in Heat 3, cruising through to semi-final 1 where 'Not Your Mother' finished in second place, securing a spot in the Final in which the song finished in third place: Lolita came second in the televote with 38% of the public vote, closely behind winner Monika Liu’s 42%.

10 out of 15 of the voting Aussievision contributors gave this entry points, with half of those who voted for 'Not Your Mother' putting the song in their Top 2 and three sets of 12 points being awarded.

2. La Rappresentante Di Lista - 'Ciao ciao' (Italy)

96 points (12 points from Cooper, Dale, Laura, Liv and Steve; 10 points from Guy)

An iconic performance that became a hot favourite within the Eurovision fandom, La Rappresentante Di Lista provided the fun and pizzaz at this year’s Sanremo with their entry 'Ciao ciao'.

The duo finished in second place on the first night of Sanremo Music Festival, 12th place on the third night, sixth place on the fifth night, to finish off in seventh place in the final general rankings but missing out in the Superfinal.

It should come as no surprise that this entry is popular with the team. The duo scored points from 13 out of the 15 voters, including five lots of 12 points. A worthy runner-up!

1. Bess - 'Ram pam pam' (Finland)

112 points (12 points from Emma and Josh; 10 points from Cooper, Tim, Laura and Steve)

Bess came third in Finland's 'Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu 2022'. Her entry 'Ram pam pam' came second with the jury and third with the televote (on 16.8% of the public votes). The Serbian and Spanish juries gave the song their 12 points.

The song proved very popular among OGAE members, prompting Finland to select it as its entry this year. It was clearly very popular with the Aussievision team, as the voting contributors have put it in first place in this poll.

14 of the 15 voting members gave Bess points (including two lots of “douze points”), and more than half of those who voted placed 'Ram pam pam' in their Top 3 .

Our tip: watch out for 'Ram pam pam' - it could prove to be VERY popular within the OGAE community too!

Full rankings of the 26 songs below:

(The Aussievision team could not vote for Australia's entry: Voyager with 'Dreamer')

1. Bess - 'Ram pam pam' (Finland) - 112 points

2. La Rappresentante Di Lista - 'Ciao ciao' (Italy) - 96 points

3. Lolita Zero - 'Not Your Mother' (Lithuania) - 80 points

4. Rigoberta Bandini - 'Ay Mama' (Spain) - 56 points

5. GIUDI - 'Jezinsky' (Czech Republic) - 55 points

6. MEDINA - 'In I Dimman' (Sweden) - 49 points

7. Fuld Effekt - 'Rave Med De Hårde Drenge' (Denmark) - 48 points

8. Viktor Apostolovski - 'Superman' (North Macedonia) - 44 points

9. Pauline Chagne - 'Nuit Pauline' (France) - 43 points

10. Anna Sahlene - 'Champion' (Estonia) - 38 points

11. Alban Ramosaj - 'Theje' (Albania) - 38 points

12. Daughters of Reykjavik - 'Turn This Around' (Iceland) - 27 points

13. Felicia Lu - 'Anxiety' (Germany) - 26 points

14. Roxolana - 'Girls' (Ukraine)* - 24 points

15. Sara Jo - 'Muškarčina' (Serbia) - 24 points

16. Denise - 'Boy' (Malta) - 17 points

17. SYRO - 'Ainda Nos Tamos' (Portugal) - 16 points

18. Christina Ramos - 'Heartless Game' (ROW) - 13 points

19. Rachel Goode - 'I'm Loving Me' (Ireland) - 13 points

20. Batista Cadillac - 'Mim Pravil' (Slovenia) - 11 points

=21. Eli Huli - 'Blinded Dreamers' (Israel) - 10 points

=21. Kuba Szmajkowski - 'Lovesick' (Poland) - 10 points

23. NorthKid - 'Someone' (Norway) - 9 points

24. Bermudu divsturis - 'BAD' (Latvia) - 6 points

25. Gabriel Basco - 'One Night' (Romania) - 5 points

26. Marco Bosnjak - 'Moli Za Nas' (Croatia) - 0 points

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