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Norway's KEiiNO wins OGAE Second Chance Contest 2021

Photo credit: Armand Nasiri

Norway has won the 2021 OGAE Second Chance Contest with KEiiNO’s 'Monument’ taking out the title.

It is Norway's fourth win ever in the OGAE Second Chance Contest. Their last win was in 2013 when Adelén won with the song 'Bombo'.

The Contest, which recognises the best songs that didn't win their National Final, was voted on by the OGAE Clubs from around the world. This year it was hosted by OGAE Sweden after Anna Bergendahl’s ‘Kingdom Come’ won last years vote.

Photo credit: OGAE Sweden

During the show Anna Bergendahl performed acoustic versions of ‘Kingdom Come’ and 'Ashes to Ashes'. She mentioned she was humbled with her OGAE Second Chance Contest win last year, and Eurovision fans make her feel like a queen like Madonna and Lady Gaga.

KEiiNO dominated the night with the majority of 12 points from 41 OGAE clubs from around the world.

The full results of the contest are as follows:

1 Norway - KEiiNO ‘MONUMENT’ - 441 points

2. Sweden - Eric Saade ‘Every Minute’ - 353 points

3. Italy - Irama ‘La genesi del tuo colore’ - 326 points

4. Finland - Ilta ‘Kelle mä soitan’ - 219 points

5. Croatia - BERNARDA ‘Colors’ - 163 points

6. France - Pony X ‘Amour fou’ - 159 points

7. Lithuania - Gebrasy ‘Where’d You Wanna Go?’ - 141 points

8. Spain - Blas Cantó ‘Memoria’ - 138 points

9. Israel - Eden Alene ‘Ue La La’ - 119 points

10. Estonia - Jüri Pootsmann ‘Magus melanhoolia’ - 106 points

11. Portugal - NEEV ‘Dancing In The Stars’ - 99 points

12. Albania - Era Rusi ‘Zjarri im’ - 53 points

13. Denmark - Chief 1 og Thomas Buttenschøn ‘Højt over skyerne’ - 35 points

14. Russia - ‘Future Is Bright’ - 21 points

KEiiNO even presented Norway's 12 points which went to Italy.

The hosts revealed the news to the Norwegian band during the show where they revealed there will be two new KEiiNO songs in October with a new album underway to be released in the spring.

The full points from OGAE Australia are as follows:

12 points – KEiiNO - 'Monument'

10 points – Eric Saade - 'Every Minute'

8 points – Pony X - 'Armour fou'

7 points – Irama - 'La genesi del tuo colore'

6 points – Gebrasy - 'Where’d You Wanna Go'

5 points – Eden Alene - 'Ue La La'

4 points – Bernada - 'Colors'

3 points – Blas Canto - 'Memoria'

2 points – Ilta - 'Kelle ma soitan'

1 point – Juri Pootsman - 'Magus melanhoolia'

OGAE Norway will now host the 2022 version of the contest.

The OGAE Second Chance has been running since 1987 and is run by the international branch of Eurovision fan clubs known as Organisation Générale des Amateurs de l'Eurovision, English translation General Organisation of Eurovision Fans, or OGAE for short.

The Contest sees each country’s club choose one song that didn’t win their national final to represent them in what is essentially a ‘Second Chance’ (hence the contest name).

Much like Eurovision, each nation’s club votes for their favourites and comes up with their collated 12, 10, 8 points down to 1. The scores are tallied and a winner is chosen.

You can watch the full show below:


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