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OGAE Second Chance Contest 2021: Aussievision votes

Photo Credit: OGAE Second Chance Contest Facebook page

The OGAE Second Chance Contest is upon us once again for another year and here at Aussievision we've listened and ranked the 14 competing entries.

For those who aren't familiar with the OGAE Second Chance Contest, it's been going since 1987 and is organised between members of the official network of Eurovision fan clubs around the world.

Each club from a country that held a National Final can select one of the songs that did not win, to give it a ‘second chance’ in an international competition.

18 members of the Aussievision team listened to the songs competing and ranked them 1st to 14th.

Every country received points, so here are the top 14 in reverse order, according to the preferences of the Aussievision team.

14. Therr Maitz - ‘Future Is Bright’ (Russia)

15 points (6 points from Wade)

Well someone has to come last right?

Unfortunately for Therr Maitz the future isn’t bright for them amongst our team, with only five of our contributors awarding Russia points.

13. Chief 1 og Thomas Buttenschøn - ‘Højt over skyerne’ (Denmark)

32 points (8 points from Estelle)

Chief 1 & Thomas Buttenschøn finished a respectable 3rd place in the Superfinal of Dansk Melodi Grand Prix this year, but didn’t quite garner that much support from our team.

Only six of us gave the Danes any points.

12. BERNARDA - ‘Colors’ (Croatia)

34 points (6 points from Ally)

Bernarda only finished 7th at Dora, proving that you don’t have to finish on the podium to get your chance at the Second Chance contest.

Croatia received points from 11 out of the 18 voters but with the highest being only six points, they find themselves finishing in 12th place.

11. Eden Alene - ‘Ue La La’ (Israel)

47 points (8 points from Hayley)

Despite finishing third in Israel’s National Final with only 11.5% of the vote, ‘Ue La La’ has got the Israeli ticket for this year’s contest.

Israel also received votes from 11 out of 18 voters, but with a highest position in the top 3, saw them comfortably finish ahead of Croatia.

10. Blas Cantó - ‘Memoria’ (Spain)

48 points (8 points from Ally)

OGAE Spain didn’t exactly have many options to send to this year’s Second Chance Contest, with ‘Memoria’ losing out to ‘Voy A Quedarme’ in a two song National Final.

13 of the 18 team members gave Spain some points, but Ally was the only one to put Blas in their top three.

9. NEEV - ‘Dancing In The Stars’ (Portugal)

50 points (7 points from Hayley, Josh and Wade)

Just pipping Blas for 9th spot is NEEV, who finished third at this year’s Festival da Canção and also won the televote.

10 team members gave Portugal points, with three of them placing NEEV in 4th place.

8. Jüri Pootsmann ‘Magus melanhoolia’ (Estonia)

50 points (10 points from Craig)

Estonia’s 2016 representative Jüri Pootsmann was back trying to make it to Eurovision again this year.

Unfortunately for him, he didn't make the stage in Rotterdam but did finish a respectable 3rd place in the Eesti Laul Superfinal.

13 of the Aussievision team members voted for Jüri, with three of them putting him in their top 10.

Despite finishing in a draw with Portugal, Estonia pips them for 8th place as Estonia received 10 points from an individual voter, compared to Portugal’s seven.

7. Ilta - ‘Kelle mä soitan’ (Finland)

72 points (10 points from Laura and Steve)

OGAE Finland could not have picked a more different song for the Second Chance contest then the UMK winners 'Dark Side' by Blind Channel!

Ilta and her song Kelle mä soitan finished 3rd at UMK, and garnered points from 13 Aussievision team members including three top threes and a highest placing of 2nd.

6. Era Rusi - ‘Zjarri im’ (Albania)

81 points (10 points from Ally and Fleur)

Even though 'Festivali i Këngës' was all the way back in December, Era Rusi’s song hasn't been forgotten by our team.

14 of us gave Era votes with three putting her in our top three.

5. Eric Saade - ‘Every Minute’ (Sweden)

100 points (12 points from Hugo)

The 2011 Melodifestivalen winner was back again this year, but unfortunately for Eric he couldn’t repeat his success from 10 years ago, finishing 2nd to Tusse.

Although Eric only received one set of 12 points from the team, four others put him in their top three and he received votes from all bar two people.

4. Pony X - ‘Amour fou’ (France)

106 points (12 points from Emma, Dale and Steve)

France returned to having a National Final this year, and Pony X was certainly at the more memorable end of the performance spectrum.

The duo finished 3rd in the National Final and at one stage was leading the jury vote!

All but two of the Aussievision team gave the song votes, with seven people putting them in their top three and three giving the duo their 12 points.

3. Gebrasy - ‘Where’d You Wanna Go?’ (Lithuania)

118 points (12 points from Fleur, Kyriakos, Josh and Wade)

In a National Final that was dominated by The Roop, OGAE Lithuania decided that Gebrasy, who finished second there, was indeed the best of the rest.

All bar one person from our team gave Gebrasy points, with six people putting him in their top three, and four of those gave him top marks.

2. Irama - ‘La genesi del tuo colore’ (Italy)

141 points (12 points from Craig, Liv, Mike and Tim)

Could Italy win both the Eurovision Song Contest and the Second Chance Contest this year? According to our team, Irama is certainly not out of the running.

16 of the 18 contributors voted for Irama, with twelve of us putting him in our top three and four of those giving Irama their 12 points.

1. KEiiNO – ‘MONUMENT’ (Norway)

150 points (12 points from Ally, Cooper, Estelle, Guy, Hayley and Laura)

What a surprise the 2019 Melodi Grand Prix champions and 2019 Eurovision televote winners KEiiNO were once again a hit with the team.

Their 2021 MGP runner-up entry ‘MONUMENT’ received votes from all 18 team members with a third giving their 12 points to the trio.

They certainly look the ones to beat for this year's OGAE Second Chance contest.

Voting in the OGAE Second Chance contest

Although Australia did not have a National Final this year, Australian OGAE members can still have their say as Australia is one of 27 guest juries at this year’s contest.

Voting is now open for members of OGAE Australia, and those of you who want to vote must do so before 9pm AEST on August 5th. Voting for the contest as a whole closes on 8th August, so the final results will be released sometime after that.


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