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OGAE Second Chance 2019 - Songs Revealed

The OGAE second chance competition has been going since 1987 and gives fans to vote on their favourite songs that didn't make it out of the national finals to the Eurovision stage.

Each OGAE national club gets to choose a song to represent them and. just like Eurovision. each nation's club votes for their favourites (without voting for their own). Sweden has won the contest 16 times, with Italy the next best on 5 wins. Italy's last win came in 2018 when Annalisa won with Il mondo prima di te. OGAE Italy will put together this year's competition where Australia will make their debut.

This year's representatives have been chosen and they are:

Albania: Mirud - Nene

Australia: Electric Fields - 2000 and Whatever

Croatia: Lorena - Tower of Babylon

Czech Republic: Barbora Mochowa - True Colours

Denmark: Julie and Nina - League of Light

Estonia: Lumervav ft Inga - Milline Päev

Finland: Darude ft Sebastian Rejman - Superman

France: Seemone - Tous Les Deux

Germany: Aly Ryan - Wear Your Love

Hungary: The Middletonz - Roses

Iceland: Friðrik Ómar - Hvað ef ég get ekki elskað?

Italy: Il Volo - Musica Che Resta

Latvia: Edgars Kreilis - Cherry Absinthe

Lithuania: Monika Marija - Light On

Moldova: Maxim Zavidia - I Will Not Surrender

Norway: Mørland - En Livredd Mann

Portugal: Surma - Pugna

Romania: Bella Santiago - Army of Love

Serbia: Ivana Vladović & Wonder Strings - Moje Bol

Slovenia: Ula Lozar - Fridays

Spain: María Villar - Muérdeme

Sweden: Anna Bergendahl - Ashes to Ashes

Ukraine: Kazka - Apart

United Kingdom: Kerrie-Anne - Sweet Lies

Watch a recap of all 24 songs below (also contained mock voting from Misja Eurowizja)

Each OGAE club will vote in the coming weeks. To vote join your local OGAE fan club.


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