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Norway: Songs released for third Melodi Grand Prix 2023 semi-final

Image Source: Julia Marie Naglestad/NRK

The seven songs competing in the third semi-final of Norway's Melodi Grand Prix (MGP) have been released.

Competing in this round are Akuvi, Atle Pettersen, Eline Thorp, Maria Celin, Skrellex, Stig van Eijk and Tiril.

Stig van Eijk represented Norway at Eurovision in 1999 with 'Living My Life Without You' finishing in 14th place. Atle Pettersen is lead singer of the band The Scheen and previously competed at MGP in 2021, also taking part in the Norwegian version of X Factor in 2010. Eline Thorp is a singer songwriter with one album and three single releases to her name.

The songs are all available on Spotify and YouTube:

Akuvi - 'Triumph'

Atle Pettersen - 'Masterpiece'

Eline Thorp - 'Not Meant to Be'

Maria Celin - 'Freya'

Skrellex - 'Love Again'

Stig van Eijk - 'Someday'

Tiril - 'Break It'

The third semi-final of Norway's Melodi Grand Prix will take place Sunday 29 January 5:50am (AEDT) / Saturday 28 January 19:50 (CET).

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