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  • Cooper Olsen

Norway: Sofie Fjellvang wins Melodi Grand Prix 2022 semi-final 4

This morning saw the fourth and final semi-final of Norway’s Eurovision national selection show ‘Melodi Grand Prix’ (MGP) take place in Fornebu, just outside Oslo.

After two duels and a Gold Duel, Sofie Fjellvang with her song 'Made of Glass' won the semi-final, thereby booking a spot in the Grand Final on 19 February.

Full results

The fourth and final semi-finals featured four artists fighting for a spot in the MGP Grand Final. Performing this evening were Alexandra Joner with 'Hasta la vista', Maria Mohn with 'Fly', Kim Wigaard with 'La Melodia' and Sofie Fjellvang with 'Made Of Glass'.

During the semi-finals the four acts are split into two duels, determined by a draw prior to the show. The winners of both duels then compete in the Gold duel, where the winner advances directly to the Grand Final. The remaining acts go through to 'The Second Chance' round beginning on Monday 7 February.

Duel 1 - Maria Mohn defeated Alexandra Joner

In the first duel, Maria Mohn faced off against Alexandra Joner.

Maria Mohn was backed by four drummers on stage and gave a fiery performance. Performing most of the song on a plinth, Maria created a thunderous performance that complements the song well. Alexandra Joner was up next accompanied by a chorus of dancers. There was everything you'd expect and want in a latin-inspired performance, colourful LED, waving scarfs and decent choreography. And it was Maria Mohn who emerged victorious and she moved through to the Gold Duel.

Duel 2 - Sofie Fjellvang defeated Kim Wigaard

In the second duel, Kim Wigaard faced off against Sofie Fjellvang. Dressed in an incredible outfit which consists of a suit jacket that flows into a massive dress. Kim stands in the one spot throughout the song but most importantly, he performs vocally well throughout the performance. Sofie was next, performing 'Made Of Glass' in the middle of giant transparent shards on the stage. The performance was simple but effective which allowed for Sofie's vocal talent to shine through. And it was Sofie Fjellvang who took out this duel and advanced to the final golden duel of the evening.

The much anticipated Subwoolfers then debuted their track 'Give That Wolf A Banana'. They are among six pre-qualified artists who will perform in the 10-song final on February 19. The pair were originally scheduled to perform during Semi Final 3 but had to postpone their performance last minute due to coming down with COVID-19.

Gold Duel - Sofie Fjellvang defeated Maria Mohn

Maria Mohn and Sofie Fjellvang then went head to head in the Gold Duel. And it was Sofie Fjellvang who emerged victorious and advanced to the MGP final on 19 February. Alexandra Joner, Maria Mohn and Kim Wigaard will all take part in the Second Chance Round.

Second Chance Round 1 of Melodi Grand Prix takes place on Monday 7th February with the Grand Final scheduled for Sunday 19th February.


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