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Norway's Melodi Grand Prix - Semi-Final 4 artists and songs revealed

Over in Norway, the fourth of five Melodi Grand Prix (MGP) heats will take place on Saturday night (Sunday morning), with four fresh acts to take the stage in their bid to join the nine acts already set to participate in the Final.

Norway's state broadcaster, NRK, has released the list of artists and titles behind the songs competing in this weekend's fourth heat, and the songs have also been released on Spotify. Check them out below:

Landeveiens Helter - 'Alt det der'

(Music and lyrics: Lars-Erik Blokkhus, Petter Bjørklund Kristiansen and Thor-Erik Claussen)

Consisting of Rune Rudberg, Dag Ingebrigtsen, Lars Erik Blokkhus and Stian Staysman Thorbjørnsen, three of whom have previously competed at MGP, newly formed band Landeveiens Helter will take to the stage on Saturday with 'Alt det der', which translates to 'All That'. Lars competed at MGP 2012 with the band Plumbo and their song 'Ola Nordmann', while Rune makes his fourth MGP appearance after competing in 1989, 2001 and 2017. Stian competed in 2015 as part of Staysman & Jazz, with their song 'En godt stekt pizza', meaning 'A Well-Done Pizza', while Dag makes his MGP debut.

KiiM - 'My Lonely Voice'

(Music and lyrics: Kim Rune Hagen, Espen Andreas Fjeld, Vebjørn Jernberg and Niklas Rosström)

30-year-old Kim Rune Hagen, better known as KiiM, competes in MGP for the first time this weekend with 'My Lonely Voice'.

Following a third-place finish in Norwegian Idol in 2007, KiiM joined the band Spinning Foundation before retiring to become a real estate agent. He soon found his way back into music and has performed at jazz and blues festivals across Norway.

Royane - 'Circus'

(Music and lyrics: Royane Harkati produced by Junior Paris, mixed by Simen Handeland)

Moroccan-born independent artist Royane makes her MGP debut with 'Circus'. The 28-year-old is known across Norway for her both her music videos, which she designs and directs herself, as well as for being an influencer, with strong social media presence across TikTok and Instagram. Royane has described 'Circus' as "chaotic, fun, and mysterious."

Marianne Pentha & Mikkel Gaup - 'Pages'

(Music and lyrics: Vanessa Liftig, Robin Lynch, Marianne Pentha og Mikkel Gaup)

Watch out, KEiiNO! Marianne Pentha & Mikkel Gaup are making their MGP debut this Saturday with 'Pages'. The song, which has been in the works since 2017, is the second song this year to feature traditional Sami joik. In Norway, Marianne is known for competing in the first Norwegian series of The Voice in 2012 and providing the Sami voice for Elsa in Frozen II, while Mikkel is known for playing the lead role in the 1987 Oscar-winning Norwegian film, Pathfinder.

The songs are available to listen to here:

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