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Norway's Melodi Grand Prix - Semi-Final 2 artists and songs revealed

Norway's national final Melodi Grand Prix (MGP) is well underway for 2021, with Blåsemafian and featured artist Hazel earning the first gullpass (golden ticket) to the grand finale alongside the pre-qualified likes of KEiiNO and Rein Alexander. But who might be joining them?

Norway's state broadcaster, NRK, has released the list of artists and titles behind the songs competing in this weekend's second heat, and the songs have also been released on Spotify. Check them out below:

Raylee - 'Hero'

(Music and lyrics: Andreas Stone Johansson, Anderz Wrethov, Laurell Barker, Thomas Stengaard and Frazer Mac)

Raylee returns to the MGP stage for a third crack at representing her home country. Having made a splash with 'Louder' in 2015 and winning fans' hearts with 'Wild' in 2020, the 23-year-old returns with a self-described 80s-style pop song, 'Hero'.

Maria Solheim - 'Nordlyset'

(Music and lyrics: Andreas Gjone, Camilla North, Elsbeth Rehder, Torgeir Ryssevik and Maria Solheim)

Discovered at age 15 in the small fishing village of Alsvåg, Maria Solheim makes her MGP debut in 2021 with 'Nordlyset'. An established figure in the Norwegian music world, Solheim's song translates to 'The Northern Lights'.

Daniel Owen - 'Psycho'

(Music and lyrics: Daniel Elmrhari, Paria Ahmadzade, Marius Hongve, Henrik Høven, Patrick Brizard, Jørgen Troøyen, Leif Inge Fosen and Marcus Nilsen Ulstad)

22-year-old actor-slash-dancer Daniel Owen makes his MGP debut in 2021 with 'Psycho'. Owen won Norske Talenter (essentially Norway's Got Talent) in 2011 at the young age of 11, before signing with Universal Music Group.

Ketil Stokkan - 'My Life is Ok'

(Music and lyrics: Ketil Stokkan)

Ketil Stokkan, a two-time MGP winner and Eurovision entrant, returns in 2021 with 'My Life is Ok'. Stokkan has competed at Eurovision twice, first finishing 12th in his homeland of Norway in 1986 with the self-penned number 'Romeo', then in the 1990 contest in Zagreb with 'Brandenburger Tor', finishing in joint last place. At 64, this is Stokkan's fourth appearance at MGP.

In addition, pre-qualified finalists Stavangerkameratene will be performing their entry 'Barndomsgater'.

The songs are available to listen to here:

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