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  • Cooper Olsen

Norway Melodi Grand Prix Semi-Final 3 - Aussievision's winner

This weekend is the third semi-final of Norway’s national selection of Melodi Grand Prix.

Earlier this week NRK revealed four artists that are competing in the third round and the Aussievision team have voted on our favourite entries.

The songs were released on Spotify (you can access here) and the Aussievision team each chose their favourite entries in this weekend’s semi-final.

Here are the results:

1st: Ole Hartz - ‘Vi er Norge’ (11 votes)

Emma: "I'm so pleased to see a patriotic sea shanty in MGP this year. It stands out a mile over the other three entries of which I really wasn't a fan. With great production and a catchy chorus this would be a great addition to the final and may pull the votes with the older viewers even though I give it no chance of actually representing Norway at Eurovision.”

Kyriakos: “I found it very difficult to chose an entry in this semi as they are all so good and unique! But I have to go with the sea shanty, which is soooo 2021 right now. I love it, it is uplifting, I just want to put on my pirate costume and eye patch and sail out to sea with my seamen. I am really looking forward to this performance!!”

Miles: “It was a tough choice between this and the Kate Bush-Kesha love child in 'Witch Woods', but ultimately the idea of a big fist-pumping Scandi shanty was too hard to resist. It could be a big hit with fans old and young, and I'm super curious to see the staging.”

Dale: “Holy sh*t I LOVE this. It's like a cross between a sea shanty, game of thrones and world cup song! I can see it being sung among the terraces at a football game or at the local fishing village's tavern and I am 100% here for it. I think that's my perfect genre actually. It's anthemic, fun and has a lot of potential for live staging. This was easily my favourite.”

Josh: “This was pretty much a tie between this song and Witch Woods. I can’t believe I’m going with ‘Vi er Norge’ as my choice but it had to be done. It sounds like Rybak strings, Celtic Lord of the Rings folk songs and a male Wild Dances 2020 update all mixed together. Can’t fault it and it’s sad that such a great song will most likely be lost to the projected winner in Monument.”

Fleur: “I like this, I like the tune, I like the patriotic lyrics, it’s a nice little Scandi package. If it was 1972, this would be a sure fire winner. I’m just going to enjoy it and hope it reaches the final. It’s not going to win MGP and I am okay with that.”

Hugo: “Sea shanty alert! Can this song feel any more scandi? I don’t think so. This is effortlessly pleasing, the three minutes passes by in a flash. A real uplifting song and I can’t help but smile when I listen to this. While I don’t think it has the hallmarks of a Eurovision song, it will certainly be a welcome addition to the final if it gets there. Hoping for some Turkey 2012 inspired staging for this one.”

Ally: “Oh my gosh how much fun is this song? This is sea shanty cross traditional Irish song I grew up listening to. Yes I know this is a song out of Norway, but it seriously reminded me of the Irish songs I grew up listening to, which I love. I can’t wait to see how this is staged. I can picture a bar scene from a small country pub, but we will see what happens”

Ford: “With sea shanty music making a comeback with younger people on Tiktok, it's nice to see it also making it's way into a Eurovision national final. And it could honestly make it all the way. There's so much staging potential, and so many ways that this can go. I'm really excited to see this performed live on Sunday morning. Also, in the words of Måns and Petra: "Trust us, bring a violin.”

Liv: “Just want the Doctor ordered - a scandi-folk-pop number in MGP. Love at first listen, it's hard to look past the energy and fun radiating from this. Will have buckets of staging potential and we know the Norwegians are partial to picking a solid folk-y number.”

Ruby: “A close winner of the bunch (though the recent Winx Netflix show probably is at fault for my likening of ‘Witch Woods’) it has the right combination of patriotism and musicality to hopefully capture the Norwegian audiences attention.”

=2nd: Big Daddy Karsten - 'Smile' (2 votes)

Steven: "Smile has a strong - almost anthemic - chorus and it’s good to have some non-stereotypical LGBTIQ+ representation. However, I do admit to picking this as my favourite of the four and not as a genuine standout song.”

Cooper: " It is pure fun and happiness. Sometimes you don’t need the dramatics to have a great Eurovision song. If they can capture the joy in the staging of this song on the weekend it could easily go through to the grand final. Overall it’s a very solid semi final”

=2nd: EMMY - ‘Witch Woods’ (2 votes)

Wade: " This song is a bit of a hot mess, but there's something about it that keeps me coming back.

What jumped out at me was the theme and incredible staging potential, I'd have liked to sound a bit darker though. Complaints aside I think it's the most unique song of the four, and will get the most tongues wagging!”

Mike: " There’s something fabulously crap about this. The vocal style, the production 80’s elements. It’s just SO in!! Unfortunately, this is the best song of a fairly solid bunch... I was erring towards the World Cup Anthem but even I have standards!”

4th: Denaye - ‘Own Yourself’ (0 votes)

Ole Hartz has clearly won the hearts of the Aussievision team with most votes for a song in this year’s Melodi Grand Prix contest so far. Of course, it’s all up to the Norwegian public to choose who advances to the Grand Final.

Semi-final 3 will also see the pre-qualified act Kaja Rode performing her entry 'Feel Again’ which will be released on Friday.

The third semi-final takes place 19:50 CET Saturday 30 January which is 05:50 AEDT Sunday 31 January.

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