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  • Cooper Olsen

Norway: Melodi Grand Prix 2022 semi-final 1 preview

Norway's Melodi Grand Prix kicks off its 60th edition this weekend with semi-final 1.

Kåre Magnus Berge will return once again to host this year, joined by Mikkel Niva and Annika Momrak.

The contest will consist of four semi-finals, a second chance round and a grand final televised on the following dates:

  • Semi-Final 1: 15 January

  • Semi-Final 2: 22 January

  • Semi-Final 3: 29 January

  • Semi-Final 4: 5 February

  • Second Chance: 12 February

  • Grand Final: 18 February

Each Semi-Final consists of four artists competing in multiple duels that will result with one act advancing direct to the final from each heat. These four songs will be joined in the grand final by the five pre-qualified entries as well as the second chance act that will be selected from the twelve songs that didn't advance from their respective semi-finals.

Who is in the line up?

Eline Noelia – 'Ecstasy'

Eline has grown up in a musical family which naturally kick-started her passion for music. As an artist, Eline takes influence from the infectious pop of the 2010's as well as the legends of the 90's. Now focusing on music full time, the track 'Ecstasy' is the result of Eline's first studio session with music producer Audun Agnar Gulbrandsen.

Frode Vassel – 'Black Flowers'

Fresh off the stage of 'The Voice - Norway 2021', Frode Vassel is stepping into the spotlight after being the backing singer for many of Norway's most recent Eurovision entries. Frode was on the Eurovision stage as a backing vocalist for JOWST in 2017, Alexander Rybak in 2018 and KEiiNO in 2019. The subject of his MGP entry, 'Black Flowers' is all about the current climate crisis we're facing and Frode promises to give it his all on stage.

Mira Craig - 'We Still Here'

Mira Craig is a major name in Norway. For Eurovision fans, Mira's most notable work is as the songwriter of Norway's 2008 entry, 'Hold On Be Strong' which placed 5th at the contest in Belgrade. This time, Mira is competing as an artist herself at 'Melodi Grand Prix' with the song 'We Still Here' which is the first single off of her forthcoming seventh album.

TrollfesT – 'Dance Like a Pink Flamingo'

The band was created after a group of men got bored of the same old party music and the rest was TrollfesT history. TrollfesT has a passion for metal and balkan music. They blend hard rock with a bit of humour to make a genre called 'True Norwegian Balkan Metal'. Now this folk metal band is stepping onto the MGP stage with the song 'Dance Like a Pink Flamingo' in which the band describes as 'a story about flamingos that are going to take over the world'.

Elsie Bay – 'Death of Us' [Pre-qualified to the final]

During the show Elsie Bay will perform her 'Melodi Grand Prix' entry, 'Death of Us' which has already earned a spot in the grand final. Elsie entered the music scene at the age of 17 and has since had an incredible career full of accolades and an amazing discography. Elsie wrote one of last years MGP entries, 'Witch Woods' which made it to the final. She also wrote 'Hammer of Thor' which is competing in this years 'Melodi Grand Prix'. Elsie's entry 'Death of Us' is currently the most streamed song on Spotify out of all the MGP 2022 entries. The James Bond inspired ballad is currently an early favourite to win this years 'Melodi Grand Prix'.

How to watch

You can watch 'Melodi Grand Prix' live on the NRK website

Semi-final 1 will take place this weekend:

  • European time - 7:50 pm (CET) on Saturday January 15

  • Australian time - 5:50 am (AEDT) on Sunday January 16


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