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Norway: Melodi Grand Prix 2022 artists and songs revealed

Artist: Subwoolfer (Credit: Julia Marie Naglestad/NRK)

Tonight the Norwegian broadcaster NRK revealed the 21 artists taking part in their national selection show Melodi Grand Prix

Five of the artists go through straight to the final on February 19, with the four winners of each semi-final plus a second chance song joining them.

The first semi-final starts this weekend on Saturday 15 January (Sunday 16 January in Australia).

The artists are:

February 19 automatic finalists

Anna-Lisa Kumoji - 'Queen Bees'

Christian Ingebrigtsen - 'Wonder of the World'

Elsie Bay - 'Death of Us'

North Kid - 'Someone'

Subwoolfer - 'Give That Wolf a Banana'

Anna-Lisa Kumoji previously competed in Melodi Grand Prix in 2019 finishing 4th with 'Holla'.

Elsie Bay was the songwriter behind the song 'Witch Woods' which made the MGP final in 2021.

Christian Ingebrigtsen was one of the songwriters involved in the MGP 2020 winner 'Attention'.

January 15 semi-final

Eline Noelia - 'Ecstasy'

Frode Vassel - 'Black Flowers'

Mira Craig - 'We Still Here'

TrollfesT - 'Dance Like a Pink Flamingo'

Mira Craig was one of the songwriters behind 'Hold On Be Strong' which won MGP in 2008.

January 22 semi-final

Daniel Lukas - 'Kvelertak'

Farida - 'Dangerous'

Lily Löwe - 'Bad Baby'

Steffen Jakobsen - 'With Me Tonight'

Daniel Lukas previously competed in MGP in 2013.

January 29 semi-final

Mari Bølla - 'Your Loss'

Oda Gondrosen - 'Hammer of Thor'

Sturla - 'Skår i hjertet'

Vilde - 'Titans'

February 5 semi-final

Alexandra Joner - 'Hasta La Vista'

Maria Mohn - 'Fly'

Kim Wigaard - 'La Melodia'

Sofie Fjellvang - 'Made of Glass'

Alexandra competed at MGP in 2015 with 'Cinderella'.

Maria Mohn and Kim Wigaard previously competed at Melodi Grand Prix as a duet in 2020 with the song 'Fool for Love' going out in the semi-finals.


A YouTube playlist with 20 of the 21 songs is available.

A Spotify playlist is also available that includes all 21 entries. However, not all songs are available in all countries including Australia.

Melodi Grand Prix will have four semi-finals and a second chance round before a 10 song final on February 19.


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