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Norway: Aussievision's Melodi Grand Prix 2022 semi-final 2 rankings

The second semi-final of Norway's Melodi Grand Prix 2022 is happening this weekend!

Over the course of the competition there will be four semi-finals and a second chance round before the contest will culminate in the Grand Final on 19th February.

The Aussievision team has listened and voted on the four competing songs this weekend and voted for our favourite entry each.

Here are our rankings from 4th down to 1st:

4. Steffen Jakobsen - 'With Me Tonight' (2 votes)

"I’m not usually a fan of country-esq songs but I’m a massive supporter of ‘With Me Tonight!’ It’s real catchy, an easy listen and different enough to stand out in the MGP line up." ~ Cooper

"'With Me Tonight' gets my vote as the best song from the second semi-final as it is so unique. It reminds me a lot of 'Hope' from the Estonian national selection with Steffen's deep vocals providing exactly what this country anthem needs. The chorus is catchy and the late key change took me by surprise but gave the song that something extra that it needed. I am very much looking forward to seeing how this will be performed live." ~ Emma

=2. Lily Löwe - 'Bad Baby' (3 votes)

"This is completely over the top 80s rock, which could have comfortably sat on a Bon Jovi or Pat Benatar album. It’s going to be too much for a lot of people, but I think it’s going to pack the best punch in semi-final 2. If she doesn’t arrive on stage in a leather jacket, on a Harley-Davidson with teased up hair, I’m going to be disappointed." ~ Guy

"Oh right from the start, it just hooks you in!!! It has such a presence compared to the other 3 songs. I acknowledge that the lyrics aren't exactly too creative but musically, it’s amazing. You simply can’t forget this song. It’s just the gritty, rough song I need and I think, Norway needs at Eurovision." ~ Tim

"Oh wow – I was not expecting this! Some of us in a certain age group will enjoy this. Its total Bon Jovi meets Eurovision, and it made me smile. It is nostalgic, and she has some seriously talented musicians backing her. It is a bit of a guilty pleasure and I am going to give it my top points because I thoroughly enjoyed it even if it is a little daggy!" ~ Hayley

=2. Farida - 'Dangerous' (3 votes)

"With lyrics and chords that call to mind a certain British spy, 'Dangerous' perhaps isn’t doing anything overly original but it still appeals to this Bond theme fan. I also like the instrumentation (dramatic piano and church bells) and the sometimes unexpected progressions within the song. If performed well live, this could win fans in sufficient numbers to progress to the Grand Final." ~ Steven

"Far and away the stand-out track from semi-final 2. The lush, brooding Bond anthem orchestration makes this the (very illegal) love child of Kristian Kostov’s Beautiful Mess and Polina Gagarina’s Million Voices. Will have real impact live if sung well - and chuck in a pyro curtain, ok? It’s probably one gear short of being a real contender at MGP or Eurovision, but deserves to take out this semi-final." ~ Mark

"I love the simplicity of this ballad. The production is simple, Farida's voice just shines. I can really picture some simple staging to go with this and it will get through." ~ Kyriakos

1. Daniel Lukas - 'Kvelertak' (5 votes)

"It’s pleasant pop. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s the most polished of the four songs. I can’t see it winning MGP but it would have its place in the final as a Norwegian language entry. It has a catchy chorus, so it has my vote." ~ Fleur

"None of these four scream winner or really stand out, but I’ll give my vote to Daniel purely because it’s something different. Rock-pop, scandi western and female ballad has all been seen before, but ‘Kvelertak’ is a nice pop package and I love the Norwegian language. Like the studio track, it may fall a bit flat on stage, but will wait and see." ~ Hugo

"This is a really good, contemporary entry for Melodi Grand Prix. This doesn't sound like it's "written for Eurovision" and could easily be on commercial radio in Norway. It has a similar sound to 'Dance You Off' from Benjamin Ingrosso at Eurovision 2018, but a little more authentic. I love the fact that it's in Norwegian and it's definitely one of the best studio tracks from MGP. Let's see how it translates live!" ~ Dale

"It's a groovy track, and I'm a big fan of the synth and instrumentation. To me it's the most repeatable song of this semi-final by a fair margin." ~ Wade

"I really like the pared-back electro feel to this track. It feels current and the Norwegian language gives it a dimension that the other songs in this semi-final don’t have. I think it will need some imaginative staging to make it stand out. But it’s a track I will continue to listen to if it qualifies or not." ~ Mike

The second semi-final for Melodi Grand Prix 2022 airs on 22nd January in Norway time or the early hours of 23rd January in Australia.


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