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North Macedonia: Songs released for 'Za Evrosong' 2022

The songs for North Macedonia's national final 'Za Evrosong' 2022 have been released today.

Last week the national broadcaster MRT announced that 6 songs would be competing in the competition, and now they have been revealed:

Andrea - 'Circles'

Andrea is a singer-songwriter from Skopje who has had over 9 million streams on Tik Tok and 2.2 million streams on YouTube. Her style has been described as electro-pop with dynamic instrumentation. She has released a number of single over the last two years.

Kaly - 'Love and Light'

Kaly is described on her socials as a "singer-songwriter, recording artist, voice talent and creator of Kaly's Music Challenge". The music challenge is a series of releases she ran on social media. Earlier this month she announced she was taking up a "new challenge" and had been selected for the 2022 selection process.

Lara Ivanova - 'Flower of Sorrow'

Lara has been releasing songs over the last few years, and has performed in the last two editions of the largest Macedonian pop music festival 'Makfest'. Her song 'Koj e sega kriv', released last year, topped the radio charts in North Macedonia.

Ris Flower - 'Flying to Berlin'

Ris Flower is the stage name for Macedonian musician Boris Cvetanovski. He's a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer, who describes his style as "progressive indie-pop with an electronic niche" and influenced by 80's New Wave.

Viktor Apostolovski - 'Superman'

Viktor came to prominence in 2010 when he was on Macedonian Idol. Since then he has released two albums and a number of singles.

Yon Idy - 'Dreams'

Yon is a Macedonian-Albanian singer-songwriter, who became known in 2019 when his single 'Gentle' reached number 12 in the Albanian charts. Since then he has charted in Albania with 4 more singles.

An online public vote is now open until the 4th February, which will make up 50% of the deciding vote. The other 50% will be from a professional jury.

This is the first time North Macedonia have used a public selection process since they last held 'Skopje Fest' in 2015.

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