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North Macedonia: Aussievision's 'Za Evrosong' 2022 rankings

Last weekend the North Macedonia broadcaster MRT released the six songs in the running to represent them at Eurovision 2022.

The songs were made available as lyric videos online, with a week-long public vote opening up. The winner will be announced this Friday February 4 (Saturday February 5 in Australia).

Ahead of the announcement, 13 members of the Aussievision Team have listened to the songs and voted for their top pick. Four out of the six songs received votes from the team.

Here are the full results and comments:

4. Yon Idy - 'Dreams' (1 vote)

"Yon has a certain warmness to him and charisma. This song is probably the least "Eurovision" of the selection but my personal taste gravitated towards it. It's a nice song!" ~ Hayley

3. Lara Ivanova - 'Flower of Sorrow' (3 votes)

"Love might have a terrible sound, but 'Flower of Sorrow' sure doesn't! This dramatic orchestral ballad builds nicely throughout, giving Lara the chance to showcase her vocal talents, which could have a strong jury appeal. She's already shown us in the music video that she can work a wind machine like nobody's business. Plus there's so much staging potential here - I can already picture the smoke machines and potentially even a giant flower set piece. The only flaw it has is that once it's over, I want to listen to it again!" ~ Laura

"Wow. That’s a really great (I suppose you can call it Balkan) ballad. I think this song is really simple and maybe not necessarily a risky song but I think this has the potential to have really great stage presence. It just sounds so genuine and I think her vocals are fantastic. This has real potential and I think North Macedonia have got something here." ~ Tim

"My vote goes to the plaintive yet pretty piano ballad. Lara has a good voice and the piano accompaniment - in particular the crescendo - offers moments of drama. Let’s be clear though, 'Flower of Sorrow' is bringing nothing new to the party." ~ Steven

2. Andrea - 'Circles' (4 votes)

"This is a great track! Well produced, a catchy hook and Andrea can deliver it. In a 6-song national final, this stands out but this could get forgotten if it makes it to Turin. Staging is definitely crucial in making sure that this song goes from a solid pop number to a memorable Eurovision entry." ~ Cooper

"Frankly, the choice couldn't be clearer. Andrea's 'Circles' has an authentic delivery, modern sound and a memorable build. I absolutely believe her when she says, "You don't want to test my limits." Also, I kind of love a very approachable, even banal, opening lyric - it feels relatable and conversational, and a place from which the song can grow. I do wish it had another structural element like a bridge or pre-chorus, though." ~ Mark

"A good solid ballad. It sounds modern in production and delivery and sounds a little more Western European than something from the Balkans. I'm not sure the song has that much first listen appeal in the studio version, however, there are a couple of opportunities for vocal moments and if Andrea can deliver, it could certainly give this another dimension." ~ Mike

"This is a beautifully written and well produced song. It feels like a track that would be released by an artist like Emeli Sandé. Andrea sounds superb on the vocal and I really hope we get to see her perform it live." ~ Guy

1. Viktor Apostolovski - 'Superman' (5 votes)

"WOW WOW, was not expecting such an explosive song from North Macedonia. LOVE THIS! curious how Viktor delivers this on stage, I want him to wear the cape and all!! It's dated but I don't care it's a banger!!" ~ Kyriakos

"This is a vacuous, dumb, stupid, ridiculous, pointless, tik to my tok, boom boom bang, bang bang boom, weird song. I'm obsessed." ~ Craig

"Ok it's trash, but it's memorable, it's fun, it's something I want to dance to in the hall. I kind of love it! Ridiculous lyrics but high energy and the only one that really sticks with me." ~ Dale

"Like cmon. Where do I start? Hints of Little Big, hints of mid 2000s eastern songs where the aim was to participate and not win. He looks a bit like Uku Suviste I think? Anyways, the song; the only memorable one in this selection for me. I actually like the drop a lot, show opener or show closer potential. I would just much rather North Macedonia send something like this than a very average sounding pop song. I’m glad Viktor is both able to tik and to tok; it’s an important skill 😂. Loving everything about this, well and truly." ~ Hugo

"Is this the best song in this selection? No but it is the only one that has any hope of making it to the final. It's not going to be winning the Marcel Bezencon Award for Best Song but it's catchy and there is huge staging potential here. Every Eurovision needs one or two songs like this and 'Superman' is the song from North Macedonia that should go to Turin in 2022." ~ Emma

So the song with the most votes from the Aussievision team is the quirky and upbeat banger 'Superman'. Will the North Macedonian public agree, or will Viktor meet his kryptonite?

He's up against some popular names in the local music scene, so stay tuned this weekend to find out who is selected to represent the country at Turin 2022.

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