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New music from Eurovision 2020 artists

Eurovision 2020 may not have eventuated as we all had hoped but that has not stopped this years Eurovision artists from releasing new songs and albums. Many released over the last few weeks in the led up to and during Eurovision week.

We run through all the latest music released so far from this years Eurovision 2020 artists:

Homes & Benny Cristo - Pro Nas Dva (Acoustic)

Released: 11 April 2020

Kelly Clarkson feat Blas Cantó - I Dare You (Te Reto A Amar)

Released: 12 April 2020

ALPHACAST - Never Let You Down (with Sandro)

Released: 17 April 2020

Little Big - Hypnodancer

Released: 7 May 2020

Hurricane - Roll The Dice

Released: 12 May 2020

Roxen - Spune-Mi

Released: 13 May 2020

The Mamas - Let It Be

Released: 15 May 2020

BEN & TAN - Summer Nights

Released: 15 May 2020

Athena Manoukian - Dolla

Released: 15 May 2020

Tom Leeb - Recollection (Extended Version) album

Released: 15 May 2020

Re-release of his Recollection album from September 2019 it includes three new tracks, his Eurovision songs ‘The Best In Me’, ‘Mon alliée’ and ‘Paper Heart’.

James Newman - Enough

Released: 15 May 2020

Go_A - Dancing Lasha Tumbai (Cover)

Released: 20 May 2020

Part of the Eurovision Home Concerts. Not yet officially released as a single but it is epic!

Daði Freyr - Where We Wanna Be

Released: 21 May 2020

Diodato - Che vita meravigliosa (What a wonderful life) album

Released: 22 May 2020

VAL - Частицы счастья (Pieces of Happiness)

Released: 22 May 2020

All these new singles and albums are available on iTunes and Google Play and through streaming on YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music.


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