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Montaigne's Rotterdam postcard location revealed

The Dutch background of Montaigne's postcard for Eurovision 2021 has been filmed.

The postcards are taking a different direction this year with contestants staying home to film their part.

The footage used will be then screen in a 'tiny house' which will be featured in different locations across The Netherlands.

Montaigne's location is the Het Kasteel stadium of football steam Sparta Rotterdam.

The 'tiny house' will feature items related to that artist and we can already see in the clip that a Socceroos shirt has been used.

The location is a nod to Montaigne's past as a top football player before she focused on her music career.

Speaking to Rijnmond news Eurovision Head of Show Gerben Bakker did have to explain Austrlaia's love affair with the Contest saying "It sounds a bit strange, but in Australia the Eurovision Song Contest is extremely popular. Australia has been participating for about five years."

Established in 1888, Sparta Rotterdam is the oldest football club in The Netherlands. They currently playing in the Eredivisie or top flight division.

'Het Kasteel' is one of only a few locations that have been revealed. Other locations include:

  • The Lighthouse Westhoofd in Ouddorp

  • The Evoluon in Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant

  • On the ice in Nannewiid, Friesland

Bakker went on to tell Rijnmnond that he 'does not yet want to and cannot say which other locations in our region will feature in the postcard videos'.

You can see a video of the news report via Rijnmond news


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