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Montaigne chats to Destiny, The Roop and Tix

Overnight Montaigne did a Instagram live stream with the official Eurovision account and was joined by Destiny from Malta, The Roop from Lithuania and Tix from Norway.

Before she started the chat, she performed 'Technicolour' and answered questions from fans.

In her answers she said she was most proud of the costumes from the live-on-tape performances and that they were partly inspired by the Britney Spears song 'Oops!... I Did It Again'.

She revealed that Genesis Owusu's 'Don't Need You' is the song on repeat for her and that she and Daði Freyr have chatted about collaborating.

She was then joined by the three other artists with Montaigne chatting to Destiny about their shared experience of struggling in the morning.

Destiny said she had adaptaed and that in Rotterdam "You have this adrenaline that makes you wake!".

The artists talked about the high level of entries this year with Tix saying it was "an insanely good year" and Montaigne adding that the "calibre is absolutely amazing."

The artists talked about their musical background with Tix saying that he hadn't had vocal lessons and that he had tried it Rotterdam but that "It's not for me, I'm not Destiny.... (she's) fucking amazing"

Destiny revealed she still gets vocal and performance lessons as "you always have something to learn."

The Roop talked about trying to keep energy levels high saying, "We are trying our best to be energetic, the best thing is to get enough sleep and eat healthy food. Sometimes it's not so easy, I like to eat doughnuts."

All the artists then spoke about potentially hosting Eurovision in Australia, rehearsals and the logistics of being an artist at Eurovision.

Tix said it was "almost like being in a prison or kindergarten" adding, "You're always escorted around, the delegation hosts are around, saying you can't hug him, you cant hug her, drink this water and give it back to me, it's restrictive but it's safe."

They also shared their experience of taking the COVID-19 tests and the long waits with The Roop bringing up the biggest issue for them - no restrooms.

"So Eurovision organisers it's time to make that change! Just one restroom!"

There was a genuine affection between all artists and it was an important way for Australia's Montaigne to connect with Eurovision artists on the ground.

You can check out the full Eurovision Instagram video to get a real insight about the experience on the ground for artists.


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