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Eurovision 2023: Mia Nicolai & Dion Cooper will represent Netherlands with Duncan Laurence song

In a surprise announcement today, Dutch broadcaster AVROTROS announced that Mia Nicolai and Dion Cooper will represent the nation at Eurovision 2023.

The two artists were brought together by Eurovision 2019 winner Duncan Laurence and American songwriter Jordan Garfield.

Jordan and Duncan are also long-term partners and engaged to be married.

The pair wrote the Eurovision 2023 song together with Mia and Dion song and it was unanimously chosen by the internal selection committee in The Netherlands.

Eric van Stade, general director at broadcaster AVROTROS, speaking on behalf of the selection committee said:

‘We received a lot of songs this year, especially from young talent, which is a great development. Dion Cooper and Mia Nicolai are themselves unconventional young talents, as well as songwriters with a story to tell. The selection committee were, without exception, very positive about their song, in which their voices work together beautifully. Though we can’t say too much now about the song, we can say it’s a song that’s distinctive, outspoken and meaningful, and we have no doubt will stand out in a positive sense from the field of Eurovision contestants.’

The song has yet to be released.

There is an Aussie connection to the artists as Mia, who now lives in LA, has previously resided in Melbourne!

Mia and Dion released a joint statement, saying:

“The Song Contest is the stage where people can see what you have to offer as an artist. After all these years of hard work translating our feelings into music, this is a great opportunity to tell our story on such a large scale. It feels fantastic and still a little surreal that the AVROTROS selection committee chose our song, but we are ready to bring something positive to Europe.”

The artists biographies are below thanks to broadcaster AVROTROS:

Who is Mia Nicolai?

Mia, 26, really grew up with music. She has been taking violin and piano lessons from the age of three and from home she received a very creative upbringing, with drama, ballet, music and storytelling.

Traveling and her need for ultimate freedom come to the fore in her debut single 'Set Me Free'. In November 2020 she released her second single 'Mutual Needs' which was immediately picked up internationally with a premiere in America on the acclaimed Zane Lowe Radio show. Mia finds her inspiration in artists such as David Bowie. But especially in the free expression of creativity and the merging of art forms.

As a child, Mia was bullied and this left a big dent, but at the same time lit a fire in her with a perseverance to make all her dreams come true, let nothing stop her and enjoy life with whoever she chooses to be. . The message she wants to convey is that your past says nothing about the future and that you are completely in control. You can create yourself into the person you dream to be.

Who is Dion Cooper?

Dion, 28, dreamed of becoming an artist and making music. He picked up his guitar for the first time when he was fifteen and never let go. In the years that follow he starts singing and writing his own music and in 2021 he released his first EP 'Too Young Too Dumb', followed by the single 'Fire' which he releases together with Maxine and within a few months has reached nearly a million streams.

He describes it as classic rock meets singer songwriter, or Bryan Adams meets Harry Styles.

'Bring the joy' is the mantra with which Dion inspires his music and life. He is on a journey to become the best version of himself and wants to share with the world all the happiness, knowledge and joy he collects along the way. That is his message: happiness is in your own hands and you use your hands to share.

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