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Mia Dimšić will represent Croatia at Eurovision 2022 with 'Guilty Pleasure'

Croatian Eurovision broadcaster HRT held their long-running national final Dora this morning, and a winner has been selected!

Mia Dimšić will represent Croatia in Turin with the song 'Guilty Pleasure'. They were selected from a field of fourteen competing songs in the show.

The 29-year-old singer has been in the music industry for almost eight years, but this marks her first participation at Dora and she beat out some tough competition from favourites of previous years including Mia Negovetić, Bernarda, and Eric Vidović.

Her song, 'Guilty Pleasure', won both the jury and public votes.

The final results were determined by a fifty-fifty combination of televote and jury voting. The final scoreboard is as follows:

  1. Mia Dimšić - 'Guilty Pleasure' - 257 points

  2. Marko Bošnjak - 'Moli za nas' - 179 points

  3. Mia Negovetić - 'Forgive Me (Oprosti)' - 141 points

  4. Bernarda - 'Here for Love' - 111 points

  5. Eric Vidović - 'I Found You' - 102 points

  6. Elis Lovrić - 'No War' - 94 points

  7. ToMa - 'In the Darkness' - 68 points

  8. Tina Vukov - 'Hideout' - 56 points

  9. Zdenka Kovačiček - 'Stay on the Bright Side' - 51 points

  10. Ella Orešković - 'If You Walk Away' - 28 points

  11. Tia - 'Voli me do neba' - 24 points

  12. Jessa - 'My Next Mistake' - 17 points

  13. Roko Vušković - 'Malo kasnije' - 17 points

  14. Mila Elegović - 'Ljubav' - 15 points

Croatia was represented at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 by Albina with her song 'Tick-Tock', which came eleventh in its semi-final and unfortunately failed to qualify.


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