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Melodi Grand Prix Final - the Aussievision team's rankings 1st to 12th

After five weeks of semi-finals and a 'last chance' round, we now have the 12 grand finalists of Norway's Melodi Grand Prix.

This weekend the remaining artists will perform in the hope that Norway sends them to Rotterdam in May.

The Aussievision team has been busy listening and ranking our favourites from the pack.

Our team has given their points and we've correlated to points together and the results in reverse order are:

12. Stavangerkameratene - 'Who I Am' (22 points)

  • Highs: 7 points from Liv, 4 points from Miles and Alyce

  • Lows: 0 points from Dale, Fleur, Wade, Kyriakos, Cooper, Steven, Hugo, Guy and Mike

Fleur: "I am puzzled as to how this was one of the pre-selected finalists to begin with. This is not endearing at all. The whole package is disappointing."

11. Kaja Rode - 'Feel Again' (27 points)

  • Highs: 6 points from Dale, 5 points from Kyriakos and Mike

  • Lows: 0 points from Miles, Josh, Liv, Wade, Emma, Hugo, Laura, Ford

Dale: "I really enjoy this song. It's staged really well and Kaja does a fantastic performance. I do get the song may be a little dated though, which doesn't worry me so much but understand why others wouldn't go for it. Still a solid entry overall!"

10. Rein Alexander - 'Eyes Wide Open' (47 points)

  • Highs: 7 points from Fleur, 6 points from Alyce

  • Lows: 0 points from Josh, Cooper, and Laura

Hugo: "This isn’t bad, but by the same token I’m so disappointed in this. Rein kills the vocal as always, but the song is just too Bond-y and too one-paced and just not the right fit for Eurovision. I hope he fixes up that stage show as well - way too messy and far too much going on for such a slow song."

9. Atle Pettersen - 'World On Fire' (52 points)

  • Highs: 8 points from Cooper and Ford, 5 points Wade and Alice

  • Lows: 0 points from Miles and Guy, 1 point from Dale and Kyriakos

8. EMMY - 'Witch Woods' (67 points)

  • Highs: 8 points from Josh, Wade and Guy

  • Lows: 0 points from Dale, Kyriakos, Emma, Steven

7. IMERIKA - 'I Can't Escape' (74 points)

  • Highs: 12 points from Kyriakos, 10 points from Steven

  • Lows: 0 points from Liv and Alice, 1 point from Fleur

Kyriakos: "IMERIKA is the most contemporary out of all the acts to me. Her vocals are flawless and unique. She creates an amazing moment at the end with that big note. She is here to create the biggest upset of the national final season. Mark my words."

Steven: "'I Can’t Escape' just misses out on my twelve points, with her unique voice, interestingly structured song with real build and ebb/flow and genuine emotion. I only wish two songs could be chosen!"

6. Jorn - 'Faith Bloody Faith' (84 points)

  • Highs: 12 points from Miles and Fleur, 10 points from Emma and Hugo

  • Lows: 0 points from Ford and Mike, 1 point from Cooper and Laura

Miles: "I think this is the sort of rock that we need more of at the contest - memorable lyrics, screamo chorus, not totally generic production. It's so much fun, and I'm glad Jorn got the final gullpass."

Fluer: "I'm a sucker for classic hard rock. Not enough rock songs get through for Eurovision, so I have my fingers crossed for this. The staging needs a bit of work, it's a bit contrived. But the song works for me."

Hugo: "This was so so close to getting my 12 points, but that stage show was a bit of a hot mess. But I adore this song, love belting it out in the car and stoked it got through to the final in the end."

5. KiiM - 'My Lonely Voice' (86 points)

  • Highs: 10 points from Josh, 8 points from Kyriakos, Emma and Hugo

  • Lows: 0 points from Alyce, 2 points from Liv

Hugo: "Shoutout to KiiM, he has the voice of an angel (Jack Vidgen vibes anyone?) - anyhoo, I love this song, it’s right up my alley, and he kills the live version. A ballad to remember, and a welcome change from all the upbeat."

4. Blåsemafian - 'Let Loose' (91 points)

  • Highs: 12 points from Liv and Wade, 10 points from Alyce and Laura

  • Lows: 0 points from Fleur, 1 point from Miles, Steven, Guy

Liv: "Coming from a Big Band background myself this caught my attention immediately - the attention to detail, fat bass and general production are just perfect. It can be hard to convert EDM bangers to a live format that woks but the boys and Hazel have absolutely nailed it. Unlikely to get the juries pulses racing but it brings a uniqueness to the final regardless."

Wade: "The live performance convinced me. My only concern heading into Semi Final 1 was the long instrumental, but the way it came alive on stage proved its staying power. I also think we can all benefit from the good vibes this song brings. Let Loose!"

Laura: "Let Loose' is an injection of fun that MGP needs in a sea of songs that take themselves seriously. While I liked the studio version of the song, the live version of this performance elevated it to another level because of the live instrument playing. I know that in Eurovision, live instrument playing is frowned upon or even banned outright, but surely performances like this make the case for bringing it back! While Hazel's live vocal delivery has room for improvement, it's the instrumental section that truly drives the song, with the clever staging helping to make it a memorable, energetic and amazing performance!"

3. TIX - 'Fallen Angel' (107 points)

  • Highs: 12 points from Dale, Steven, Guy and Mike

  • Lows: 1 point from Emma, 2 points from Miles, Laura and Ford

Dale: "It is such a tight run race between TIX and KEiiNO for me. I think KEiiNO has a marginally better song while TIX puts together more of a full package for me. I do love 'Ut av mørket', it feels like a modern take on an early 2000s boyband emotive power song and I ADORE his staging, he keeps me engaged the whole time and milks every bit of his song into his performance."

Wade: "I'm nervous about how shifting Ut av mørket into English may change the song's flow, hopefully it holds up!"

Steven: "TIX’s ‘Ut av mørket’ has everything I’m looking for in a Eurovision entry: a great voice, compelling - and rather camp - staging and a very catchy melody. It’s a treat for both the ears and the eyes. I’m sold!"

Kyriakos: "For sure he is the dark horse, he is killing it with streaming numbers on Spotify being the most listened to out of all the finalists. He could possibly win the public vote."

Guy: "It was hard for me to choose a favourite for MGP this year, as I pretty much love this and ‘Monument’ equally. But ‘Ut Av Mørket’ is by far the song I’ve listened to most this National Finals season, so that has to make it my winner. I really like Tix’s vocals on this, both the tone of his voice and the way he emotes as he sings - it’s not over the top, but you feel it. It also successfully treads the line of being full blown power pop ballad, but not feeling too cheesy... even in the key change. He gives you a sense that he doesn’t take himself too seriously, but he is completely serious about nailing a great performance of an awesome song. The preview performance in the semi-final was perfection, so I’m a little nervous of how it’s going to come across when he performs it in English for the final. I’m really hoping it doesn’t lose any of it’s magic."

Cooper: "The song is a great modern take on a 90's boyband banger. The insane staging elevates this song and makes it a real competitor to win MGP. My only worry is that TIX is wanting to sing the song in English which makes me worried that it might lose the Norwegian charm."

Mike: "The fact a star with the profile of TIX wants to go to Eurovision is a great thing. Ut Av Mørket is a modern, radio-friendly pop song very much in keeping with what TIX usually produces. His live preview performance hints that his staging will be one of the most elaborate in the competition. He has a huge domestic fan base and should be a massive chance to get the ticket to Rotterdam."

2. Raylee - 'Hero' (114 points)

  • Highs: 10 points from Miles, Fleur, Cooper, Ford and Mike

  • Lows: 3 points from Hugo, 4 points from Josh, Wade and Emma

Fleur: "This nearly got my 12 points but there seems to be a lot of 1980s pop throwback songs in many National Final contests this year. That market seems to be saturated for the time been but this song is definitely one of the better efforts. I won't be disappointed if this gets through but will it stand out amongst other countries' representatives if they send songs of the same ilk?"

Ford: "This song is so good. So memorable. The performance was amazing. Raylee is an amazing singer, and she will go so far. Its just a slight disappointment that she's facing up against such a massive powerhouse as KEiiNO, otherwise she'd have this in the bag."

1. KEiiNO - 'Monument' (157 points)

  • Highs: 12 points from Josh, Alyce, Emma, Cooper, Hugo, Laura and Ford

  • Lows: 5 points from Miles and Steven

Josh: "A more jury friendly version of Spirit In The Sky but somehow it enhances all the elements that made it a televote favourite at the same time. It’s almost impossible to stop oneself from singing along to the chorus. A returning fan favourite act normally does well at Eurovision and with a stellar song like Monument, I can’t see it placing below Top 10, maybe even the Top 5 and potentially winning. Alexandra’s live vocals shine on the stage and that high note in the bridge will be a highlight of the whole show. Can’t wait to see what they can do with the staging."

Cooper: "KEiiNO is back with a song that can win the Eurovision Song Contest. Monument is the first and only song this national final season that I've felt winner vibes from. The vocals and staging have improved from 'Spirit In The Sky', combine this with the stellar production of Monument and we might be heading to Oslo 2022."

Alyce: "Wow this song is good! I must admit I had high expectations on KEiiNO to deliver a great song, and they have lived up to those expectations. I really hope Norway goes for this song like they went for Spirit in the Sky, and that KEiiNO go to Eurovision again. The rest of Europe is counting on you Norway!"

Wade: "There's something about Monument to me that doesn't have me convinced it's a winner, its structure and video clip reminds me a little too much of Volcano Man."

Emma: "I am so glad to see KEiiNO back at MGP this year. I don't love 'Monument' quite as much as 'Spirit in the Sky' but this would still be a solid entry for Norway. We know how popular KEiiNO are with the public and this is probably more jury friendly than their 2019 entry. The song is contemporary but manages to show off Alexandra's beautiful vocal range and she nailed the big note at the end in the live performance. There's also more focus on Fred's rapping and joiking this time around which adds a new dimension to the performance. I'm sure the staging could be elevated somewhat from what we've already seen but it was still a pretty spectacular light show the first time around and shouldn't need too much tweaking."

Hugo: "Saw this in the first semi and we all thought “this is the one to beat” - well for me, nothing has. The studio cut didn’t send me bananas, but boy that live version is just amazing. More jury appeal with the vocal prowess, but still that fun, televote appeal as well. Alexandra’s voice is fire, Fred is doing his thing, would love to hear more of Tom’s voice, but this is the ultimate package and would love it to take the cake."

Ford: "KEiiNO just came in with a "monumental" song that is just so unforgettable and so perfect for Eurovision, it would be a shame if this didn't make it to the contest. Their voices work so well together, and they make such amazing songs, that's it's no wonder they've made a name for themselves outside of the Eurovision sphere as well. A little early to be saying it, but maybe Oslo 2022?"

The Grand Final will be shown Saturday 20 February 8:00pm CET in Norway, which is 6:00am AEDT on Sunday 21 here in Australia. You can watch it via:

The winner will be the Norway's entry to the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest.

Listen to our podcast preview episode on Melodi Grand Prix:


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